Points2Ponder-Good Times That Feed Your Soul

IF you've been there, you will know where this is!
IF you’ve been there, you will know where this is!


This weekend, we are going to Key West!


That’s for my wife—she likes Key West, but… we have been several times, so… she wonders “why do you go back?”

Point2Ponder Where do you go to relax and relive… good times that feed your soul?

I go back to places that brought me enjoyment and relaxation and a sense of joy!

I know we all have our List of Places we have always Wanted to go… mine are A’s: Australia and Alaska!

But…there’s a good possibility that I won’t ever get there in this life time—especially since—I don’t fly anymore!

Nope—something happened to me when 9/11 hit—and I have not flown since!

IF I had to fly because of my family—sure! I would hop aboard a great big bird and brave the skies for that reason!

So far—that hasn’t been necessary!

And so… IF I can drive there, we can go there!

I am also a proud Southerner, a Southern writer—I love the South—and I enjoy the places we can go in the South!

And Key West is one of those places!

Walking down Duval Street, just taking in the sights and sounds—just recharges my energy!

And sitting at Mallory Square with a thousand other people, just waiting for the sun to go down, so we can all go “Ahh!”


And of course—who has NOT taken a picture of the southernmost tip of the United States? I know I have 10 times!

And the water is just so calming—driving the 120 miles of the 42 bridges that get you to Key West—just breathtaking!

Islamorada Island has the teal color water; Bahia Honda is worth the stop at the old 7 mile bridge!

All of it—just calms me, relaxes me and recharges my inner battery!

All with a Margaritaville Mentality—No shoes, No shirt? No problem!

There are two more places that I frequent—and I would suggest to my friends—friends like YOU!

Best candy store in the South is on River Street!
Best candy store in the South is on River Street!

Savannah is a timeless town with rich southern heritage and old world charm!

The people there are kind and friendly, and the sights are all worth seeing!

From The Pink House to the historic 18th century Cemetery to a trip to Tybee Island with the hexagon shaped boardwalk!

And you have to spend some time on the River Street river front—day time and night time—worth the time!

We are going there in a couple of weeks with my son and his family—Jett and Cali and their parents!

Get your Lasagna Pizza right here!
Get your Lasagna Pizza right here!

And then there’s St. Augustine!

The oldest city in the nation—it is full of “walkaround wonder and amazement”!

From the old Fort to the walk by the water—it is a pleasurable, relaxing day of sightseeing.

Their market street is full of little shops that sell everything from shoes to sarongs to slingshots!

Yes—I said slingshots!

I love slingshots—probably the trapped Huckleberry Finn/Tom Sawyer in me—but I do play with my sling shot and rocks!

And the Best place to buy a decent slingshot?

At the oldest School in America!

There is a little school house that sells trinkets—memorabilia mostly for teachers—but, they also have $5 slingshots!

Yep—only $5 for a slingshot! You just can’t beat it for cheap entertainment!

I am NOT responsible if you break someone’s window while enjoying that HuckFinn Experience with your slingshot!

And if you want to know the Best place to eat? I know you were wondering…

On the marketplace street—there is a place called New York Pizza—yes! New York Pizza in Florida!

It has Lasagna Pizza—you have to get a slice! It is life changing! Your salivary glands will be shouting for joy!

Just worth the stop! I’ve even brought pieces home to friends—a hundred miles away!

All three of these places bring me joy and relaxation and peace of mind.

They feed my soul!

They calm my spirit!

They minister to my mind!

And sometimes—you just have to escape for a moment, a getaway for your mind, a respite for your soul!

And these are the places I run—for a timeout, for a mini vacation, one day or two at a time!

What about you?

Where do you go… and why?

What makes your list of your runaway places where you find joy!

Share with me!