Points2Ponder-Doing What You Said You Would Never Do

Cali Making Music with her Rasinet Shakers!
Cali Making Music with her Rasinet Shakers!

I realized today that… men watch their kids very differently from women.

We just think different—we still get the job done, no one was harmed in the telling of this story, but…

Warning! Moms may not approve!

Point2Ponder When’s the last time you had to eat your words—after you did what you said you would Never do?

So… I had my grandkids today.

I dropped my grandson Jett off at school, and it was just me and Miss Cali for the morning.

I thought to myself “Why not take her to Wal-Mart?”

And so… off to Wally World we went.

I was hoping to entertain her and keep her out of the house for a few hours.

I parked and put her in the buggy—I didn’t wipe it down like so many of the moms do.

I have never once seen a dad take the time to wipe down the buggy.

Our thought on that—hey, IF it was good enough for us, you’ll be okay!

So in the store we went.

Cali was doing well—but remember… she is an 18 month old—short attention span, small bladder!

I had no idea which would need the most attention first!

I found the toy aisle.

I’m not proud of this, but… I knew—get her a few toys she likes, put them in the basket, and just swap them out as she gets bored!

And you what? It worked!

I found three different toys that she liked.

I let her play with one until she got bored with it—threw it in the back and…voila! Here’s another toy she loves!

It worked like clockwork.

See that picture with the raisinets?

Again—this was Not my most proud moment, but—it kept her entertained.

There’s apparently this bin of dollar candy, just full of different kinds, all in a box.

Funny thing is—they all sound different when you shake them!

Yes—when you shake them!

This where I know that moms would Not spend 30 minutes beside the bin—letting the child test out the boxes—shaking each!

It was hilarious!

Some made her laugh…some, she just threw back in the bin after one shake!

The old-timers—the majority of the store at 10:30 am on a Wednesday—gathered around and just giggled and cooed at Cali!

She was a star—at the candy bin in Local store #39243 Wal-Mart!

One lady said “Oh, I could just eat her up!”

I thought “okay, is this where I call for security?”

As we meandered through the store—from kids clothes to toy aisle to fish tanks to funny Dad t-shirts for Father’s Day…

She was delighted!

She laughed and giggled and reached for stuff—and threw a whole lot of stuff on the floor!

Apparently—Miss Cali likes to see me have to bend over to pick up everything she throws out of the buggy.

Well I got wise to her shenanigans…Let’s just say that there’s a clerk on aisle 3 wondering where all this stuff came from!

Then came that moment—Cali got thirsty!

Men and Women do it differently, but.. it still fills the need! Cali's thirsty!
Men and Women do it differently, but.. it still fills the need! Cali’s thirsty!

And—then came the moment that divides men and women!

I didn’t have a bottle—It was in the car.

Most women would go out to the car and get the bottle OR scurry through the store to finish quickly and head back to the car.

I was having a good time!

Cali was having a good time!

And I wanted to check this off my GrandPa Bucket List—staying in a Wal-Mart for 3 hours with a toddler with NO TEARS!


What’s a GrandPa to do?

The only thing any self respecting, middle class, middle aged  woman would NOT do…

I have to tell you… I have told my family a million times through the years “We are NOT that kind of people!”

What kind of people, you might ask?

I was afraid you were going to ask.

Apparently, we ARE the kind of people who…

“Go to the Glassware Aisle, Find a glass with a screw-on lid and straw connected, take that to the cold beverage dispenser, pull out a chocolate milk, open said chocolate milk, pour said chocolate milk into glass with screw-on lid and straw, tighten lid and hand to toddler WITHOUT paying for said glass OR chocolate milk First!” kind of people!

All I could think of is “IF my kids could see me now—I AM that kind of people!”

And I looked down at Cali, and she was in hog heaven—she drank that whole glass of chocolate milk!

And never cried once!

For a man—this was a successful experiment in GrandDaddy DayCare!

Shhh! Don’t tell her mom, okay?