Reflections of… Memorial Day!

Our newest hero-- Airman Hunter Foust!
Our newest hero–
Airman Hunter Foust!

We live free because there are those in our society who dedicate their lives to defending our freedom!

Our Nation pauses on the 4th Monday in May and celebrates our Military Heroes, past and present.

I was in church on a Saturday night this weekend, and I learned a few things about Memorial day!

Did you know that America first celebrated this commemoration of our military heroes back in the Civil War?

Did you know that it was originally called Decorations Day because we decorated their graves?

Did you know that it was African Americans who started this in Charleston right after Civil War in 1866?

Did you know that the National Flag is dropped to half mast from 8am to noon, then raised to full mast?

Did you know that President Johnson signed it into law on May 26th, 1966?


See? There are things that we may not have known about this holiday.

It is NOT just the unofficial beginning of Summer—and it is not the BBQ Holiday either!


It IS a celebration of the heroes, both fallen and living—who choose to protect our soil so we can live free!

I know my father Joe Scaglione served in WW2.

My best friend’s stepfather Curt Morgan also served. He was like the Forest Gump of the military!

My uncles Roland and Chito also served.

I have always had such high respect for those in uniform.

I am keenly aware that I can sleep in peace because they are at watch while I sleep.

In a time where no one seems to respect much of anything—our Troops deserve our Respect!

 This is Not just about the past—it’s about our Future!

Airman Hunter Foust-- After completing boot carmp!
Airman Hunter Foust–
After completing boot carmp!

I am honored to know Airman Hunter Alexander Foust!

He just completed boot camp on May 21st, 2014!

He just went through the rigorous 6 week training—and he passed with flying colors!

He just graduated high school last June—and here he is—in the Air Force!

He is also his mom and dad’s, Stephanie and Doug, firstborn son—

And mom has been nervously awaiting the first sight of her baby boy—it’s been the longer 6 weeks of her life!

Hunter being sworn in March 2014-- he went in a boy-- came out a Man!
Hunter being sworn in March 2014– he went in a boy– came out a Man!

Dad Doug is stoic and philosophic—but you can see that sense of pride in his firstborn!

Watching him transform from boy to man!

Hunter was a typical eighteen year old—fresh out of high school—wanting to make a difference!

And he felt that joining the military was a great way to learn a trade, get some education and build a career.

And… Defend His Country!

In 2014—here is a young man making a difference with his life—a difference we can all stand and salute!

He is standing up and defending the freedom that we all hold so dear—and yet take so easily for granted!

Airman Foust has chosen to join the ranks of our armed services so that we can continue to do what we do!

Like going to work or school, spending our weekends at the beach, having picnics and barbeques…all of it!

While we do all of that… he is headed to Virginia to start his Tech School to be a mechanic for the Air Force!

Very proud of this 18 year old Man!

I say Man because… for him to make this wise decision at such a young age AND complete his boot camp…

With honors!!!

Yes Sir—that’s a MAN in my book!

In a day when so many of our youth are just moving aimlessly through the malls of life—NOT making a difference…

Here is a shining example of what’s good about our youth today!

And so—I stand and salute our military—past and present!

From my father Joe Scaglione and Uncles Roland and Chito…and our Forest Gump Curt Morgan..

All the way to our newest Hero—Airman Hunter Alexander Foust!

We honor you today and everyday – for the sacrifice you so willingly make—

So we can live FREE!

Thank you for your service to our Country!



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