Points2Ponder-The Addition That Changed Your Life

"Here is our Jett, back in the day!"
“Here is our Jett, back in the day!”

Today is my grandson Jett’s birthday.

He is 5 years old today.

I can remember 5 years ago today—the excitement wrapped around his birth.

I never realized how one little man would change my life forever!


Point2Ponder     When’s the last time you realized that one addition to your life—changed it forever!


He was born on a Thursday, just like his Dad was born 24 years before.

Jett came into this world with a little drama—his first few days were monitored by his doctors—but then, he was a- okay!

Watching my son with his son brought out such joy—that I had never known before.

Here was my baby boy holding his baby boy.

It did my heart good.

I never knew then—just how much good it DID my heart!

Shirt says "Nano's Little Buddy!"
Shirt says “Nano’s Little Buddy!”

Just 2 months after Jett was born—I had my heart attack.

That was the scare of my life—I know that it scared me to my very bones.

And it wiped away my confidence that life was good and that all was well.

I kept waiting for the 2nd heart attack to happen—just living in fear – until it DID come back for me.

Except for my time with Jett—He had this affect on me!

He motivated me to get better—to forget about my fears and to just play!

Jett made me laugh; Jett made me move!

Jett can make me laugh just by being Jett!
Jett can make me laugh just by being Jett!

When he was able to say NaNo – it was music to my years.

And then—he said it every time he saw me!

And we would play on the floor and play in the yard.

Whatever Jett wanted to do—I just forgot my fears and spent the time with my grandson.

And I loved every minute of it.

Jett did that for me.

Jett makes me want to just be silly-- make faces!
Jett makes me want to just be silly– make faces!

And then… God healed my heart and took away my fears and used a cardiologist to prove that I had a new heart!

And I am eternally grateful for that healing—I owe it all to God!

And I know that God sent us Jett for many wonderful reasons…

One of which was to preoccupy me and bring me moments of joy.

And he is still doing that today.

I know that I lived 49 years without being Jett’s grandfather.

But… these last 5 years, with Jett in my life—just life changing.

I remember the time Jett refused to let his Nana change his diaper.

He said “No! NANO!”

I explained to this toddler that Nana was going to change his diaper because Nano did not change diapers anymore.

He looked up at me and said “Why?”

And… I couldn’t answer him with a good reason.

So… I changed my first grandchild diaper for Jett.

I remember hearing that Jett asked him mom to have me come pick him up…

She explained that I lived 100 miles away…

He replied “That’s okay! Nano loves to drive—and he will come get me!”

And he was right!

The first time he called me “Alwin!” that was his version of Alan.

And the time he told me that I was his favorite NANO—that’s okay…I’m his Only Nano!

Jett has changed my life for the better forever!

Jett and Nano sharing his 4th birthday!
Jett and Nano sharing his 4th birthday!

These past 5 years have not been easy years for me—but they have been magically wonderful because of my grandson Jett!

When I was going through such a rough period in my life—fear and doubt had taken over…

There was only one thing that made me forget all of that—my time with my Little Buddy.

And Now… he is 5 years old—into Skylanders all the time!

He told me that there were three that no one had gotten for him because they were hard to find!

Guess what?

Nano got out on the internet and found Springtime Trigger Happy!

Not even sure what that is, but… it was delivered just in time for his birthday!

Anything for this kid—anything at all!

He changed my life—grateful for Jett!

My Favorite 5 year old!
My Favorite 5 year old!