Reflections of Doing Firsts for a Second Time!

Experiencing Cali's FIRSTS like it was our First time!
Experiencing Cali’s FIRSTS like it was our First time!

This is Cali…Jett’s sister…our granddaughter.

We got to spend the day with her, all alone, no Jett.

That was a first for us!

Usually, big bro JJ is with us—so the time and attention have to be divided.

But not today.

Today—Jett was off with his parents to celebrate his 5th birthday this week.

He doesn’t get much one on one time with them anymore.

I know that he adores his baby sister—he even wanted to go pick her up because he missed her…

But he also remembers when it was just Jett and Mommy and Dad.

And today—for his birthday—that’s just how it was—once again.

And we had our Sweet Pea.

We took her to a playground where we had taken Jett when he was this age—around 18 months.

It wasn’t our first time there—we’ve spent many visits with Jett at Common Ground Playground.

But…none of those visits mattered…

It was Cali’s FIRST visit.

And that’s all that counted.

Cali loved the swings!
Cali loved the swings!

She was eyes wide open enamored with the playground.

She walked around in a daze—so excited that all of this was there—just for her!

Just like her brother had about three years ago.

We took her on the slide, and she loved it.

She laughed and giggled like a child—because she is.

And it was her first time here.

We found the swings—her all time favorite!

She could have stayed in that swing all day long.

Cali ran around, smelling the roses(they have a beautifully manicured rose garden).

She stopped to touch the plants, bending down and looking at them like it was the first time.

Because it was.

All of this was new to Cali—and I was determined to enjoy for the first time with her—again!

We just saw this favorite playground that we have loved and enjoyed with her big brother…

For the First time—again!

And it reminded me of all the things that parents only admit to each other but never to their 2nd and 3rd kids…

It’s hard to feel the First time feeling a second time!

Believe me—I know!

Just think about the pictures—the difference in the NUMBER of pics for the 1st child versus the 2nd and 3rd.

I was a third child—there are NO pics of me until I am about 2 years old—none!

And the first one of me? Was a group shot with my 2 older brothers!

My parents explained that they meant to take more pics of me—try taking ANY pics of me—but life got busy!

Apparently, too busy!

But we parents have to admit—the First time—WOW! Blow my socks off—did you see him suck a straw for the 1st time?

Yeh—we capture Everything for the First child—even sucking a straw!

For the 2nd?

Well… let’s just say—life gets busy.

But because that happened to me—my kids have so many pics and videos and moments captioned.

All because… not one pic until I was 2 years old—NOT one!

And I wanted the same for Cali!

So… I took the same pics that I took with Big Bro Jett!

And I got on the ground with her, and I carried her, and I played in the water with her!

All because—she deserved my BEST no matter how many times I’ve done this before!

It was her FIRST time—and that’s all that mattered!

I thought about the Word…

It talks about doing our FIRST works all over again because we have lost our first love for the Lord!

It also says in Colossians 3:17 “Whatever you do, in word and in deed, do as unto the Lord!”

Even visiting a playground!

Cali deserved my excitement, my wonderment, my enthusiasm!

She shouldn’t lose out on my participation in her FIRST time just because it’s NOT my FIRST time!

Parents of 2nd and 3rd and 4th children—

Ask yourselves…

Don’t they deserve your FIRST reaction Too?

You know they do!

Cali and her Nano shared  common ground for the First time!
Cali and her Nano shared common ground for the First time!





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  1. So sweet! I love you that you get to be actively involved in Cali and Jetts lives, just priceless.

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