Points2Ponder-Wanting To Slow It All Down

Our Jett is growing up so fast--Graduating VPK!
Our Jett is growing up so fast–Graduating VPK!

Oh… they grow up so fast.

That picture?

It’s my grandson Jett. He is graduating from VPK.

What does VPK even mean?

Glad you asked—no one knew what it stood for, but… Google did!

Voluntary PreKindergarten Education Program!

See? I can teach you a few things!

He has gone to school every day, well… almost every day… this school year.

That, in and of itself, was a challenge—committing to going somewhere every day, the same time each day.

Not easy on a 4 year old!


Point2Ponder     When’s the last time you thought… they are growing up so fast—I want to slow this down!


Each week, he learned a new letter.

At the end of the week, on Fridays, he came home with “homework”.

Homework consisted of three sheets of drawing the letters of the week, Capital and lower case, and shapes.

I had the distinct honor of working with him on a lot of his homework.

Honor for me—drudgery for him.

I remember the first time we worked on his homework.

It was his first or second week in school.

I sat him down to print out his “A and a” .

There was the pencil. There was the paper.

Easy enough, right?

Well… maybe not!

I said “Jett, just draw the “A” and the “a” like you see on the paper.”

Simple enough.

Or was it?

Jett looked at me and said words that put me in a quandary.

He said “which hand do I use?”

Which hand do I use?

That’s simple—you use the LEFT hand!

That’s what I have used every day of my life—and here was my grandson, asking me which hand to pick up the pencil with.

IF you know me, you will know, I have always wanted a child, a grandchild, someone in my lineage, to be left handed—like me!

But 3 kids and 4 grandkids before Jett—all right handed.

Not a single lefty!

But here I was—faced with the opportunity to influence and guide Jett into being a bona fide member of LeftyWorld!

I actually stopped and thought—is it fair for me to tell him which hand to use?

I wanted to—I really did! To have Jett be a Lefty would be a dream come true.

But instead—I put the pencil in the center of the page and said “use the hand you want to use.”

I was being diplomatic and fair.

Let him decide—it’s his choice!

He said “I don’t know which hand to use—that’s why I’m asking you, Nano!”

This was NOT going to be easy.

I responded “which hand feels better holding the pencil?”

He said what I didn’t expect.

 Jett said “neither one does. But my teacher says I should use the Right hand because everyone else is right handed!”

Now that wasn’t fair—his VPK teacher was influencing him with the ol’ “everyone else is so you should be too!” tool!

I had a choice. I could wage war against the Right Hand Establishment that still thinks Lefty is Wrong…

Or I could just back off, let Jett be one of them, knowing that I was saving him a life time of being “different” in a right handed world!

Nine months later, as we prepare to celebrate his graduation from VPK…

Jett doesn’t even remember that night…

But I will never forget it.

The night I chose to let my grandson be one of “them” so his life would be a little easier.

These days—Jett is Right is Right—every time he picks up a pencil.

But I remember—I almost had him—almost had my lefty!

Oh they just grow up so fast!

Blink—and he will be graduating High School!

I know—mine did!

I bet yours did too!

Make your moments matter—

You will remember them…

Even IF no one else does!