Points2Ponder-Letting Life Pass You By

What can you tell about others as they roll past you in life?
What can you tell about others as they roll past you in life?

I’m a people watcher.

Some days, it is just fun for me to sit and watch life roll by.

You can certainly learn a thing or two from just observing.

Observing life as it unfolds—not life as you manipulate.

Point2Ponder When’s the last time you just took a moment and let life pass you by?

As I sat there with my cup of coffee in a Panera Bread around 9am recently, I was astounded by a few things.

First of all, the number of people who were also just sitting around, letting life pass them by too.

Don’t these people have a job to go to?

Apparently, this IS how the other half lives!

And none of them were in a hurry to go anywhere.

There was a group of Gray Foxes who had gathered at a table for six.

All of them in their late sixties, early seventies.

All of them had just finished a brisk walk—some of them were barely winded, others—about to give out.

And they sat and talked about the news, the weather, the family.

And it was nice to see what grandfathers, grandpas, granddads, Nanos, Papas—whatever your name is—do at this stage in life.

They were sharing a moment—reflecting on life.

I heard one of them say “When we were young, we pulled out our wallets—now we all pull out our phones—to show pictures!

And they laughed.

Over in another corner was a circle of Gray Hens—grandmas on a mission!

Apparently, the local church was having a fund raiser, and these Grannies were on the fundraising committee!

They talked about how to raise the money to add a new wing onto the church building—dedicated to the nursery.

Then they talked about how nice it will be to add more cribs and changing tables to the existing nursery.

Apparently, there are a lot of young couples who are having babies, and the nursery has been bursting with babies!

One of the grannies said “When we were young, we kept them in church with us—no one would hear of that now!”

And they laughed and shared a look.

That look seemed to say “we know how hard we had it—but they have no idea!”

I saw an elderly couple sitting together.

He was just chatting away; she was looking the other way.

Funny—usually, it’s the wife who is talking and the husband who is drifting off.

Not this time—he had a lifetime of stories; she looked like she had heard them all—more than once!

Made me wonder—why were they still together?

Maybe that was just their “understanding”?

Every couple arrives at the place of “agree to disagree” or “ignore what irritates!”

Just made me sad to think “I wonder if they even life each other?”

I know a couple who is having a party thrown for them because they have been married 50 years.

I never used the word “celebrate” in the previous sentence because their marriage is nothing to celebrate.

They have been the “Lockhorns” for the whole time I have known them—and they never displayed “happily ever after!”

So… do we still throw a party if the couple simply “endured to the end?”

I don’t know—life is so short for some…and it just drolls on for others!

And yet—over at another table—there were the octogenarian lovebirds!

Both in their eighties.

He waited for her to sit and then pushed the chair in for her. She touched his hand and whispered “thank you”.

He got her coffee for her. She told him “you are still my prince!”

He smiled at her and took her hand as they prayed over their breakfast.

And then they just shared the news of the day.

And they just looked so happy.

Just so funny what you can tell—just by watching others.

Made me wonder?

Just by watching…

What can others tell about me?

What can they tell about you?