Points2Ponder-Reconnecting With An Old Friend

I can honestly say "I'm Glad I did!" Can you?
I can honestly say “I’m Glad I did!” Can you?

Ever hear that line that people come into your life for seasons and reasons.

Some come to stay…

Some stay for a day…

But all have a reason for being in your life.

And for those who didn’t come to stay but instead, stayed for a day…

What happens when… they come back?


Point2Ponder         When’s the last time you suddenly ran into someone you lost touch with—and you reconnected?


I have an old friend—he can’t be “old”—we are the same age.

We met at IBM when we were both starting out in our careers.

I was a young married.

He was stylishly single.

Two men—walking two different paths—taking two different journeys.

Yet—we become good friends.

We accepted our differences—but we appreciated our commonalities.

He had a Jamaican mother who made a comment that he and I used to laugh about.

I’ve never forgotten that comment.

When faced with two choices of same value, neither worth choosing…

His mom would say in her Jamaican accent “What? You trade black dog for monkey?”

And we would laugh!

It was true—she understood, so much of life would be just substituting a black dog for a monkey!

But we were 24—we had no idea what she meant at that time—she just sounded funny and made us laugh!

As life would have it—

My family choice took we down a certain path, on a specific journey.

His non-family choice took him down another path, on a different journey.

And… we lost touch.

For years—

I even remember one time, looking through Facebook to see if I could just “check in” and see how he was doing.

But this time—Facebook failed me—he could not be found.

Until LinkedIn ( a professional website that you use to network with other colleagues) happened to show me someone I had lost touch with—and I was startled that—there was my friend.

So… I sent him an email through LinkedIn and thought “Wow! It’s been 25 years—wonder how his life turned out?”

And then…I waited..and waited…and…waited.

No response!

I just had to accept—my “friend” didn’t want to reconnect with me!

And weeks went by… no response.

I forgot about it—just accepted that old “reasons and seasons” saying.

And then—I got the response from my email.

He wanted to reconnect also—and wondered how life had treated me.

We exchanged personal email addresses and cell phone #s—and we texted immediately. Email followed.

And Wow!

We really did take different journeys.

But… one thing was certain… we treasured our old friendship and wanted to have another “season” sharing life.

And… so Bella and I will be having lunch with him in a little while.

Just to have a friend that you started out with—before life threw you the first of several twists and turns.

That friend who remembered you with a full head of hair and no white bristles.

Someone who heard your dreams for the First time you dreamt them.

And believed that you would achieve them.

And you believed the same for them.

It’s the old “Fork in the road” adage.

You always wonder about the choice you “didn’t “ take!

I chose marriage and kids and mortgage and private school and piano lessons and all the joy and pain of parenting.

He chose to remain single and travel the world, seeing sights I will never see, having experiences I will never have.

And now—we can compare notes—not envious—celebrating the fruit of the paths we chose, the journeys we took.

And just sit for a moment with an old friend…

And toast to life—a life well lived—no matter which path you took—you wore that path out—you got the most out of it.

You lived your life—

You experienced your life—

You made “your” memories!