Points2Ponder-Challenging Yourself!

Look what I learned this week! What did you learn?
Look what I learned this week! What did you learn?

You ever hear the line “You can’t teach a old dog new tricks”?

Well—I am here to say—

If that old dog wants to stay in the game and feel like he is relevant—

better start that “trick” training!


Point2Ponder     When’s the last time you challenged yourself… and learned something new?


For those of us in that ever growing population bracket called “50somethings”—this is specifically for you.

There is so much technology out there—and most of us are “techno challenged!”

I just heard a friend say “If it’s something technical—I give it to my 9 year old grandson—he knows it all!”

Sad…but true.

I have seen Jett, at age 2—using the remote control because his favorite channel was 253—and he switched channels.

At age 4? He handles his own Kindle, plays games on my Ipad, GalaxyNote2 and my Window7 laptop.

And his one year old sister? She is watching Little Mermaid and singing to it!

But this is not about kids these days!

It’s about their old fogey grandparents that are hiding under the “I don’t know a thing about technology” tree!

And that’s just bunk!

For example—

You see that picture up there?

I took that picture on my new Sony Continuous Pic Camera—it takes 10 pics at one time—you no longer miss that 1 perfect pic!

Believe me—it’s in the middle of the 10—but now? It’s there!

And the words are mine—and the signage? I created it with my new Free app called InstaQuote!

You can create your own signs for Instagram or Facebook—using your design, your pics, your words!

By the way—apparently Facebook is for Fogeys –

I overheard a 12 year old tell another 12 year old—Instagram is their media of choice!

Well? We will see about that!

I have an Instagram account where I put my pics for my followers to see.

I also have signed up for Pinterest and LinkedIn, Shutterfly and DropBox!

And I use them all!

The funnest one—yes I said “funnest”—is creating a Vine!

What’s a Vine?

I will tell you—it’s a 6 second video that you can make with your grandkids (Jett has made 5 and Cali even has 2).

Haven’t heard of it? Well you should have—Ellen DeGeneres displays vines on her show on a weekly basis.

I love making them with the kids—like our old home movies—just 6 seconds in length!

And what about having Skype on my phone? I was able to SEE my daughter who is in Pittsburgh—see and talk on my phone!

And don’t get me started on YouTube—I dare you to go there and search for “A-Rat Kia Alanscag”

I may or may not have put out 2 YouTube videos recreating the Hamster commercials for the Kia Soul.

Not sure—you will have to check.

My point is—if I can learn all these things—you can learn one of them! Maybe 2 or 3?

You have got to impress those kids in your life—the 20somethings and the toddlers!

We are NOT old!

We are NOT antiquated and technologically challenged!

We are Fifty hear us roar!

Just like the Lion for the old MGM movies—do NOT admit to anyone under 30 that you know about that lion!

Seriously—I challenge you to just do something technological!










Do something—Learn something!

Only you will decide—

Am I a relic or a transformer?

We are 50—Hear us Roar!!

And for me, please– slap the next 50something who calls his grandkid to program the remote!

Do it yourself!