Points2Ponder-Catching Up On Life With An Old Friend

Friends sharing a moment together!
Friends sharing a moment together!

Spent a beautiful Florida Spring Saturday in a little town called Tarpon Springs, Florida—

Filled with sponge docks and Greek food!

No schedule. No agenda.

Just good friends.

Recipe for a great time!


Point2Ponder When’s the last time you shared a moment…with an old friend.. and just caught up on life?


We have been planning this day for 3 months.

We are busy people.

If you read my columns, you get a sense  of how busy I am.

Our friends are missionaries to Costa Rica and Brazil.

He is also the missions pastor at one of the largest churches in Tampa.

And he is dedicated to his missions and to his church.

So… scheduling time becomes the only hurdle that we often have to jump!

But…we work together, pick a date and understand…life can sometimes throw you a curveball—

You just have to roll with the punches.

If we have to reschedule a few times—no worries—the friendship is worth the wait.

I’m not talking acquaintance, colleague, coworker, casual visitor into my life.

I am talking about someone who speaks into my life, tells me what I do NOT want to hear sometimes—

Because he cares about me—about my family—about my life.

And I feel the same.

And our wives love to go antique-ing!

And we know the golden rule to marriage…

When Mama’s happy—everybody’s happy!

So we both make it a point to make Mama happy!

And today…it’s was walking around Tarpon Springs, taking in the sights, loving our wives, sharing a moment with a friend.

As we walked, we talked, we laughed, we questioned, we challenged, we rested in a friendship that has stood the test of time…

And occasional disagreement—but with God’s help and a whole lot of effort—we have weathered the waves and won the war!

It’s that kind of friendship that you realize, as you get older—it’s a treasure that God gives—and one that you should appreciate.

My best friend Ellen used to tell me “I’m not looking for a certain number of friends—I just want some friends I can be certain of!”

And Butch—I can be certain of.

We are very different and yet very much alike.

Stubborn mules at times and yet… passionate for the things of God and humble that He chooses to use us for His glory.

We support each other in the worlds that we live in—although very different—yet still—so much alike.

And it’s not the quantity of time we spend together—we don’t get a lot of that due to our schedules.

But—we make time to spend time—whether it’s a day trip to Sarasota to eat at a Mennonite Restaurant or just strolling down

the main street of Tarpon—while the 4 of us are together—laid back and relaxed and no need for roles or faces…

We just treasure the sincere sense that this person cares for my well being—and they matter to me.

As we drive home—ladies in the back talking about whatever ladies talk about…

And Butch and I in the front—we share what God is doing with us and thru us and for us—

And these grown rough and tumble guys—shed a tear or two of appreciation for the relationship we have with the Lord.

And that’s the best part of the day—two grown men, not afraid or embarrassed to express emotion of awe toward our Savior.

You just reach a place in your life when you ask “does anybody out there live the life anymore?”

And I know they do…

I’m just glad to have found a friend who is just as bold, just as committed, just as passionate, just as dedicated—as I am.

And for that… I am grateful!

And until the next “day trip with our ladies” – it’s just good to know— I have this friend who has my back- no questions asked!

What about you?

Do you have that kind of friend?

The kind you can count on—no matter what?


Butch and Mavis - true friends thru thick and thin!
Butch and Mavis – true friends thru thick and thin!