Points2Ponder-Admitting Someone Had A Hand In It

Me and my godson Shane Alan Wood!"
Me and my godson Shane Alan Wood!”

Sometimes, things just fall into place…

They fall into place so perfectly, you ask?

Did someone have a hand in all of this?


Point2Ponder When’s the last time you had to admit…this did NOT happen all on its own?


Tuesday was my godson Shane Alan Wood’s birthday. He is my forever friend Sandy’s son…

She chose me to be his godson 33 years ago—I was 21!

I had never had a godson…and didn’t have kids at the time—so he was a whole new experience for all of us!

His mom and dad and his Uncle Alan—his godfather.

I was in his life for about 5 years…and life just drifted us apart.

He says his mom always reminded him that he had a godfather; I always knew– I had a godson.

But life has a way—of just taking you into separate directions.

About 4 years ago, I remember having a conversation with my sweet Bella.

I told her that my life is so full of love, and I have experienced so much, and I have seen the best of our world…

And I wouldn’t have any of this if… Sandy had not saved my life on December 12th, 1978!

Nope—she was the reason that I survived and got to live this wonderful life.

Sandy literally saved my life and I owed her a “thank you!”

But…I had no idea where she was. I didn’t know her last name—25 years—a lot of time, a lot of life happened.

But I knew one thing—my godson’s name was Shane Alan Wood—but, where should I start looking?

Where everybody looks these days—FACEBOOK!

My wife started looking for Sandy Wood, Sandy Sawyer—nothing!! Nothing at all!

Then she asked me again “what’s your godson’s name?”

I told her the complete name.

She tried just Shane Wood—over a hundred Shane Woods out on Facebook.

Then she said “Are you sure that he had your name for his middle name?”

I replied “that is ONE thing I know FOR SURE! His middle name is ALAN!”

She changed her search to include the middle name…

Out of the over 100 Shane Woods on Facebook…guess how many had the middle name Alan?



So…next came the hard part—messaging this stranger and asking “are you my godson?”
And that’s exactly what I said.

I explained how my best friend from high school was Sandy Sawyer; whose married last name was Wood…

Was he her son?

I sent it—and  thought “why would he even want to reconnect with me IF this IS him!”

30 minutes later—a reply!

And he said “yes, I am your godson, and you are my godfather—where have you been for the last 25 years?”
He took my phone number…and he said he would give it to his mom…but he could not speak for her—she may not call!

30 minutes later—my phone rings.

It’s my forever friend.

And that’s how we all got back together—

Or so I thought.

Shane and Jessica at their wedding-- which I officiated!
Shane and Jessica at their wedding– which I officiated!

Until this weekend…talking to my godson Shane and his lovely wife Jessica.

We were talking about how we all got back together when Shane said…”there’s something I never told you!”
I thought I knew the whole story…

Nope—It seems there was a part they kept from me.

Until now.

Shane’s Facebook page originally said SHANE WOOD!

Jessica decided to add his MIDDLE name—a week BEFORE we went looking!

IF “ALAN” had not been there—

You get the picture.

Sandy asked me while we were going through her cancer journey…

“Did God bring you back into our lives so you could help with my boys when I am gone?”

Apparently so.

With the help of their Dad Derrick—the BEST husband I have ever met—

And all those Sandy gathered into her small close-knit circle—

We are Sandy’s hands extended!

So next time you wonder why something happened the way it did—just know—

God is always sewing a tapestry –

On one side—just a bunch of colored threads that just don’t make any sense—

Until one day—you turn it over—and there it is!

This beautiful tapestry that God sewed out of your life!

All for His glory!

And you have to stop and say… that did NOT just happen!


Bella and Alan with our godchildren Shane and Jess!
Bella and Alan with our godchildren Shane and Jess!