Points2Ponder-That Looks That Makes You Go Awww!

That look of love between a daughter and her Papa!"
That look of love between a daughter and her Papa!”

You ever see that look?

The look that a young daughter gives to her father that just says…

“I know you hung the moon and the stars, and you are my hero—my Daddy, my protector!”

It just makes you go  AWWWWWWWW!


Point2Ponder When’s the last time you were reminded NOT to judge a book by its cover?


Peter is my niece Krissy’s husband.

They are visiting from Illinois—in the cold country—where they raise their four children.

We only get to see them once a year… when they sojourn from the frozen country of Illinois to the sandy shores of Florida.

As a family—we get together to catch up and to share a moment.

Peter has come a long way.

I remember when I first met him.

Rough around the edges—I thought.

Just kept to himself and didn’t say much—very different from our family.

But—something about him I liked.

He was committed to his view toward life.

He was talented and gifted.

He was sincere and honest.

And all of that impressed me…

Over the years, I have seen him morph into this responsible family man.

He works in a plant that makes the sniff samples that you smell in magazines—he creates and installs them in the magazines.

Hey? Somebody’s gotta do it, and… now you know who does!

Peter is hard working, dependable and devoted to his family.

He is not conventional, buy any means.

He is not typical anything.

He is not cookie cutter husband or father.

But…he loves his wife and kids, and he shows his love in traditional ways.

I got to see a glimpse of that traditional way, and I have to admit, I was impressed.

Bella and I went over to visit with them while they were home.

Krissy had gone out for the evening with her sisters, leaving Peter and his in-laws to watch the four kids.

And yet—Peter was in the middle of all four, taking care of a 1 year old, a 3 year old, and 7 year old and soon to be ten year old.

Not an easy task—considering one was sick, one was asking a million questions, one was wanting to go to the park, and one…

Miss Olivia, the eldest child, who is rather mature for her age and very hands-on helpful with the children.

But at this moment, Peter had his guitar out, and he and his daughter were singing together a long she loved.

And that’s where I noticed—Olivia adored her Papa!

She looked at him with that look that says “My father can do no wrong!”

And watching her sing with her dad, harmonize like adults, and just smile to each other and make you want to cheer them on.

All of that made me remember what it was like when my baby girls used to crawl into bed with their Papa and want to play.

We would play “Put Brother Gibson in the grocery buggy!” and they would giggle and laugh and say “I love you, Poppy!”

It had been a while since I had seen that look, from a daughter to her Dad, but…there it was!

And this 10 year old knew… her Dad could do no wrong!

That look of love, between a little girl and her Daddy—is priceless!

She really believed that he could save the world!

Olivia knew—her Papa loved her more than life—and he hung the moon and the stars just for her!

And she was star struck – so enamored with her dad that she giggled when he whispered something in her ear. Just Priceless!

And I was impressed—this young man had morphed into a loving and adored father!

And I remembered what I originally thought about him—

And I said to myself “You just Can’t judge a book by its cover!”

Nope—you sure can’t!