Points2Ponder-Getting Spooked!


The culprit and the victim!
The culprit and the victim!

This column is lovingly dedicated to my son… and you will soon know why!

Just let yourself lighten up, a little—this is a funny story—and I want you to laugh!


Point2Ponder      When’s the last time you … got spooked?


Bella and I got to babysit our grandchildren Jett and Cali this past Saturday night.

 It was nice—our son even got dinner for us—and we ate together before he and his lovely wife went to a movie.

He said “Call Kim if you need us—I’m not taking my cell phone!”

I have to stop right here:

One key difference that I see in fathers today is—they never ever have their cell on when you need them!

I yell like an old man to all my “sons” who do not have their cell charged at all times—“it’s dead” they say!

“Get a phone charger for your car!” I say… “you’ve got kids—you have to be accessible at all times!”

And this is where they each roll their eyes and say “old man!”

Maybe I am, but—they need to be accessible at all times!

Enough said—but you know who you are! LOL!

So they leave…

And Nana takes Cali in for a bath.

Jett and I are putting together this puzzle from H- E – double hockey sticks! It was driving me crazy!

But here is a 4 year old who thinks his Nano hung the Moon, so… puzzle progress being made.

The Door Bell Rings!

I think “one of the other grandparents is stopping by to see the grands!”

I tell Jett to sit tight—and I go to the door.

Now I am about to reveal something about myself—I do NOT answer any door UNTIL I know who is on the other side!

Seriously—I yell through the door “Who is it?”

My kids have grown up with my self-prescribed safety cure all—I don’t know who you are? I don’t open the door! Settled!!

So I asked “Who is it?”

And no one answered.

I asked a second time… still, no answer.

I look through the peep hole—no one there!

That’s strange!

Must be some kid playing a prank!

I go back to the puzzle with Jett.

He asked who was there—I told him no one.

We go back to the puzzle.

5 minutes later—Door Bell Rings AGAIN!


Here I go again…

But this time, Jett says “Nano, I’m scared!”

I tell him it’s just a kid pulling a prank.

I go to the door—I yell “Who is it?”

No one answers—no one there!

I go to see Nana and Cali—they are playing in Jett’s room—Cali is in Hog Heaven—She loves her brother’s room!

I ask her “you hear the door bell ring? Someone keeps playing a game on us!”

She replies “I didn’t hear anything!”

I chastise her “You are right next to the front door—how can you Not hear that?”

I go back to Jett—he is starting to freak out right about now.

I assure him—no one is at the door—all is okay! Jesus is watching over us—

Hey? When all else fails—pull the Heavenly Card!

Jett blurts out – “it’s a haunted house!”


I ask him what did he say, and he said “It’s a Haunted House and someone is trying to get in the house—I’m scared!”

And then—he leaps into my arms and starts shaking!

This is kid is traumatized—and I am suddenly – SPOOKED!

I immediately started thinking about a movie called “When A Stranger Calls!”

And I suddenly think “They are trying to lure me to the front of the house, so they can come in at the back of the house!”

And I go into Full On NANO Protection!

And then…

There it goes again!

Door Bell Rings!

I am carrying Jett, and I take him to his Nana—“Keep the kids in here!”

And I go back to that door!

And I am yelling now “This is NOT funny! You are scaring my grandson (and me!) and I want you to stop—Who is it????”


About that time—Bella comes out, with both kids—Jett runs into my arms crying- “Haunted House—it’s a Haunted House!”

And suddenly…

Bella says—

Where were you when you heard the door bell ring?

What? There’s the door—door bell is next to the door!

She said, “No…where were YOU when you heard the doorbell ring?”

I point back at the couch—

The four of us—attached at the hip, walk as one unit over to the couch!

And right at that moment!

It happened again!

Bella heard it this time!

She sure did!

“There’s your Door Bell—it’s Schuyler’s Phone— It’s one of his ringtones!”

I could kill my son at that moment!

Then Jett suddenly remembers his Dad’s phone sounds like a door bell.

And then…the door opens—and we all jump 10 feet in the air!

It’s my son and his wife—and we tell them about our night—

And what does he do?

He laughs and says…

“Gotcha Pops!”