Reflections Of…Retirement

So… today is the one year anniversary of my Retirement Years!

I was able to retire early– at 61, not 62.

I had always said that I would NOT wait until 67 for a few reasons.

First– who knows if I will live that long?


Two — with my family history, I probably won’t.

Case in point–

My oldest brother Joe died at age 61.

My older brother Paul died at age 63.

So? I’m just looking at the handwriting on the wall…

They say your family history can forecast your future.

I know my wife Bella was NOT happy with my decision…

Yes, I said “my” decision.

I had always talked about wanting to retire at 62, and she always sat silent– never approving or disapproving–but her silence spoke volumes.

But when my older brother Paul suddenly died in his sleep of a massive heart attack– I decided– 62 is for me!

And then… I sort of bumped it up a few months!

Needless to say…. a year later, Bella is still adjusting!

But I have no regrets!

I just wish it had been a better year!

So many physical issues.

Two major surgeries.

One cancer scare– thank God– no cancer anywhere!

Two bouts with achilles heel tendinitis.

One three week long bout with Covid 19.

All of that while planning our daughter Ashley’s July wedding.

Just a lot!

But I have to admit– had I been working– I just don’t know how I could have handled all of that AND still worked.

What I’ve learned this past year?

The negatives first:

Retirees in America really are considered left-overs or surplus– we are not valued and our opinions are not given clout.

Retirees in America are made to feel less than and not considered as the asset that we are… no one wants to hear our view of anything.

The positives now:

I get to take naps anytime I want– just don’t tell my wife.

I was told that retirees should attempt to do one thing a day– accomplish one goal or task. I now get that.

It’s the little things that are good enough– and sometimes, good enough is really good enough!

So…upon reflection of retirement– year one–

I have to recommend it wholeheartedly with the caveat that people around you will either be jealous or appeasing–but not genuine.

But…isn’t that their problem?

I’m retired!

What do I care?