Random Reflections: Hope In the Pandemic

Random Reflections 2020:Hope in the Pandemic!

Our sweet Bonnie Brae!

And in the midst of this Pandemic... we find Hope!

This is Bonnie Brae who just arrived yesterday, May 1st.

"A child arrived just the other day...

Came into the world in the usual way..."

Those words come from a song called "Cat's in the Cradle"

Unfortunately, those words do NOT apply to our sweet Bonnie Brae.

Nothing really usual about her last 2 months of life inside her Mama!

That's because... those last 2 months were spent with her mama Rachel dealing with Corona Virus while pregnant.

It was Rachel's first pregnancy-- something she has wanted her whole adult life-- to be a mom!

And those of us who love Rachel-- her family and her friends who are like family(I fall into the latter category) know...

She was meant to be a mama--

Rachel loved kids; and children loved Rachel.

Rachel has a gift to work with kids; She has been a Children's Church Pastor for several years; kids are at the heart of who Rachel is.

But life has a way of taking its time to produce the right moment and the right relationship to welcome a sweet baby girl into the world.

And for Rachel-- things just took a little longer.

She found the love of her life Al, and they marred 4 years ago on May 7th.

It was a beautiful wedding on a hill, next to a barn,  in Tennessee. The reception was in the barn-- it was just beautiful!

Then came the plan...

to have a baby...

And the plan was to have a baby soon.

Well... the plan did not unfold as quickly as Rachel and Al had hoped.

But they still had hope.

Then, when it looked like maybe that was not going to be "the plan" for their lives...

God unveiled His Plan...

And Rachel was pregnant.

There is a beautiful story of how all of this unfolded. Ask Rachel someday to share the miracle of it all-- she will beam ear to ear as she remembers.

But I want to highlight our "Brae of Sunshine" that arrived on May 1st, 2020!

I said Brae because, Brae is Bonnie's middle name.

Kind of a play on words, right?

So... Things have been different for the last 2 months.

Different how, you might ask.

No typical shower. Oh a BIG shower was planned-- her friends and family had a BIG SHINDIG all planned out.

It had to top the gender reveal party!

You know-- the gender reveal party that Al and Rachel hosted at their home with over 50 people in attendance--

Just to have the couple pull out a PINK Christmas Tree from a box! 

You have to know them to know--- they LOVE Christmas and all things Christmas!

Nope-- by the time the shower date came-- Corona Covid19 had taking over our lives.

No gatherings were allowed, so no: making a team dress a baby or guessing what the weight and height would be or that heavenly cake Mimi would make.

Nope-- none of that-- per the Shelter in Place national rules-- they could not have any non-immediate family in your home.

Could not have any gatherings more than 10 people at a time.

Could not hug or handshake or laugh or sneeze or cough around each other.

And everyone must be at least 6 feet away from one another.

Not anything typical about those shower requirements.

Rachel had a month of "Drive By" showers-- friends and family would drop off presents-- sometimes, it happened day after day.

It was kind of fun for both future parents-- all of these presents from all of these people, just wanting to wish the three of them well!

Rachel would post on facebook each present and thank each person/family who sent it-- so we all watched as she posted the presents.

Honestly-- it will be easy to write Thank You Cards because facebook will help her remember who gave what when.

But...not sure if or when she can send out cards for fear of contaminating someone with the card contents or handling.

Darn that Rona!

And then the doctor visits became weekly as we got closer to Bonnie Brae's due date.

But that was different also.

The streets were empty.

The doctor's office was empty.

The hospital was locked down.

And it really overshadowed the joy of this first pregnancy and getting prepared to welcome this little girl into this home that had prepared for her arrival!

And then...on Friday...

The Doctor said "it's Time! Daddy-- it's Time!"

That was my obvious reference to one of the South's most famous movies -- Steel Magnolias!

And just like that-- Rachel and Al were headed to the hospital to check in for a planned C-section at 8pm on May 1st.

A little earlier than planned-- Bonnie was expected on May 12th, but she had other plans!

And so...mom and dad went to the hospital, checked in, got taken to their room...and waited...alone.

All of the friends...

All of the family...

None of them could be there-- because of Rona!

Nope-- all of the usual and typical fanfare that happens when a baby is coming into this world-- 

None of that could happen for our sweet Bonnie Brae.

Even her delivery-- which typically would have had her mom in the room with her, along with Daddy...

Had to have Rachel's Mom outside the room, waiting anxiously to hear that first scream of her granddaughter.

Nope-- none of this was typical.

All because of this Pandemic we have been living thru for the past 8 weeks!


None of that mattered when that sweet bundle of joy made her entrance into this world at 8:49pm on Friday night, May 1st!

NOPE!! Everybody who is Anybody told Somebody so there was Nobody who did NOT know-- Bonnie Brae had arrived!

And we rejoiced!

And we shouted!

And we hollered!

And all of the JOY and HOPE one feels at any "typical" delivery …. was exponentially increased BECAUSE of the atypical events leading up to her birth!!

Because of Rona-- we were that much happier!

Because of Rona-- we were that much joyful!

Because of Rona-- we were that much hopeful!

Bonnie Brae proved that there WAS HOPE in the midst of this storm!

Bonnie Brae proved that there WAS GOOD in the midst of this virus!

Bonnie Brae proved that there WAS LOVE in the midst of this pandemic!

And for that reminder--

We pause and reflect on the wonderful sense of "hope" sweet Bonnie Brae has brought to all of us!

And for that-- we are all grateful!

So when little Bonnie Brae grows up and  asks her beautiful mama and handsome daddy about her birth--

They will have such a great story to share...

How God sent us all a BRAE of HOPE in the midst of a pandemic!