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Random Reflections:April2020This is CRAZY!

Random Reflections 2020:This Is Crazy

So.. it is April 29th, 2020

If you are reading this months or years in the future..

This is CRAZY!

17 states have either partially or completely resumed life as we once knew it!

Georgia led the way last week-- allowing tattoo parlors, massage parlors, nail salons and restaurants to open for business!

Even though-- Georgia is still showing a daily increase in COVID19 cases AND deaths!

The Georgia governor is citing "medical findings" as his basis for reopening his state?

What medical findings?

Doctors Fauci and Birx, our Dynamic Duo of Medical/Science logic and reason, are touting that this is "too much, too soon..."

and yet... there are protestors in the streets saying "We have a right to work-- you can't stop us from working!"

And to that, I reply "you also have a right to die! do you want to exercise that right at the same time??"

This is just crazy!

The President last week wondered out loud at a press conference whether we could inject disinfectants into our body because it works so well on surfaces!

Look it up! I am sure that history books and google will replay that press conference for years to come!

And then...the next day, he says "I was being sarcastic!"

Who wants a president, the leader of our country, to be sarcastic about anything when we are in such dire need of comfort and encouragement--and direction!


No-- he was just letting us in on what goes on in his brain on a regular basis-- and that's the really scary part!

I am not bashing our President-- but I am asking him to PLEASE THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!

People are watching and listening who have proven that they will take your word and rants AND RUN WITH IT! even if it does them physical harm!

That was proven 3 weeks ago, when he said to "try this malaria drug called hydrochloroquine" that he said "what can it hurt?" a couple in Texas did just that!

And the husband DIED!! his wife was hospitalized.

She later said "The President said it could help and we had some at the house, so we took it!"

People listen to what you say!

And as I had to say on facebook recently "leaders are responsible for what they say and should understand not only the power in their persuasion but also the responsibility of their statements-- some people will follow blindly just because of their blind trust that a President would NEVER say anything to harm us!"

But he did-- maybe unintentionally, but still...her husband is dead! and she almost died!

One of my facebook "friends" stated if people are going to just blindly follow someone, then I guess that's why we have warning labels on poison!

YES-- that really IS!

We have to be so careful with how we influence others: with our actions AND our words!

And making comments about injecting disinfectants and "what can it hurt?" for malaria medicine? that is careless at the least and deadly at the most!

And whatever happened to leading by example?

If you tell us to wear masks out in public... shouldn't our leaders be wearing masks...OUT in PUBLIC?

VP Pence just visited Mayo Clinic-- who requested that he wear a mask, and everyone there WAS wearing a mask..

But NOT Pence!

This is just crazy!

WE have reached over one million who have been infected and 59000+ who have died.

We are interviewing Sweden and New Zealand-- who have taken complete opposite views of responding to COVID19.

Sweden said they are not going to social distance or quarantine and will accept that some will have to die for the greater good of their economy.

New Zealand did an immediate lockdown of their island of 5 million and shutdown their borders and are faring better because of it!

And we have 17 states who are saying "it's the economy stupid!"


I am convinced that all these protestors need to stop their rants about violation of their freedom is to have a family member come down with COVID19!

Then we will suddenly see them wanting medical answers and medical resources to SAVE MY GRANDMA!

Until then-- it's just someone else's war to fight so let's all get back to work AND PLAY!

I had a customer in Idaho tell me that this was all a hoax! all made up by the fake news!  no one in Idaho have Corona Virus so he knew it was a hoax!


Not exactly a metropolis of 12 million like New York City.

But... to him, in his world-- no one had this virus so it must be a lie.

So far, 9.5% of our population who has tested positive with COVID19 has died.

That's under 10% and most of those have been our elderly.

Collateral damage. Like I stated previously.

"Hey, they have to go sometime-- it was just their time to go!"

Believe it or not-- that's what some are saying.

Well? I have a question for you.

When it's your Dad or Mom or grandpa or Nana...

Will it still be okay for them to die?

This is just CRAZY!

If you are reading this in the future-- just know that I did NOT think that this was okay and losing 10% of our population was acceptable...

EVEN IF they were our elderly members.

PLEASE-- IF you are reading this in APRIL 2020--

Do NOT go back to life as usual!

Self Distance!

Quarantine for as long as possible AND BE safe!

DON'T inject disinfectants into your body or take malaria drugs if you DON'T have malaria!


Remember-- there are WARNING LABELS because some people need them.

If you don't-- good for you!

But don't go around tearing  those labels off because...

Some people REALLY do believe what they hear a leader say...

And they will DO what is suggested or pondered out loud.

WE all have a responsibility to speak rationally and with wisdom...

Especially at a critical time like this!

I do NOT want to be one of the elderly considered collateral damage.

Do you?