Random Reflections 2020

Random Reflections 2020



2020--what a year so far!


This is NOT the year so far that I expected!

at New Year's Eve 2019-at 11:58pm, the Lord gave me a word, a promise, about the new year.

He said that "as the cankerworm, palmerworm and caterpillar have eaten away from you FOR YEARS,

I will restore unto, not just for this year-- but for the coming decade!"

I was startled!

Wow! I have never been one who looks for a "word from the Lord" because I rely on HIS WORD to guide me.

But there it was - Joel 2:25-27! and He was promising me restoration!

I looked at my Bella and said "Baby-- you are NOT going to believe what the Lord just told me!"

She started to cry as I repeated what I had been told.

If you really know me-- and most people don't-- the only thing that I needed restoring was relationships!

I have some very important fractured relationships that Only God could heal and restore.

I have to say-- In the month of January, he started working on my most important fractured relationship.

And then in February, out of the blue(no- it was God working) another impossible situation started healing.

Once March had rolled in, my Bella and I were shaking our head and raising our hands-- God had restored two relationships!

We were just so humbly elated at the work that God had done--and those around could not dismiss God's hand in all of it!

I give God all the glory for all that He has done for us in restoring relationships that matter so much to us!

Our hearts are full of joy and gratitude!

Then March 18th, 2020 happened.

My complete work site was sent home-- due to the Corona Virus called Covid19!

In the space of 7 days-- AMERICA was SENT HOME to work!

And it happened!

We all started working from home, started something called "social distancing", began "shelter in place" and started hearing about deaths in America!

Not mass shooters!

Not the flu!

Not murders!

No-- this was a virus that started in China in January 2020 and worked its way over to Italy, where thousands were killed in one month...

And somehow-- found its way into America!

And we were starting to hear about our own people dying from this virus!

New York City quickly became the epicenter of this virus!

Hundred were reported dead; thousands had contracted the virus.

We were shell-shocked!

How did this happen to our country?

And why couldn't it just be fixed?

Why were we being told to stay in our homes, wear masks IF we had to venture out, and prepare for months quarantined in self isolation.

This is NOT what we thought 2020 was going to be!

A new year!

A new decade!

New hope. New dreams. New experiences.

Bella and I had planned our trip to Italy in October-- fly into Paris, train ride to Venice, plane ride to Sicily. 6 cities in 12 days! Trip of a lifetime!

All cancelled-- Italy was mourning their 10,000+ deaths!

As of today-- we are still waiting to hear when we can return to work, when our children can return to school, when social distancing is over!

But so far-- none of that has happened!

I just heard of our first colleague who was 34 and diagnosed with Covid19 on March 28th... he passed away April 10th.

Every state has now lost at least one person to this virus.

It feels like hope is lost, our nation is in upheaval, our citizens are stunned.

And yet still...

I have a Hope...that's steadfast and sure, I have an anchor that will endure, My anchor holds against the grave...

For JESUS my LORD, the Great Resurrection-- is Mighty to Save!

We hear about goodness and kindness and love being spread among all of our citizens.

Random acts of kindness are prevalent these days.

Everyone is helping everyone.

Hurting people are feeling the love from those all around them.

The government is sending out stimulus checks to help everyone.

But what is helping the most is-- each other!

I am hopeful that America HAS found its Soul again!

We are feeling each other's hurts, and we are raising that hurt with a help and a hand and a hug.

Well...while keeping our 6 feet or more distance.

And those relationships that God had restored before CoRona showed up and took over our lives....

They are STILL restored, and they are STILL repaired!

Because God is Faithful-- what He promised, He will deliver!

And HE promised AMERICA that HE would be our God and our Savior in our hour of need...

And one thing America can agree on--


So... if you are reading this and wondering what happened 1st Quarter 2020--

Random Reflections just caught you up!

And just know-- 7 continents became one community, one family, one people--

Binding together to kick Rona's Rear right off our Planet!

And...with God's help-- Rona doesn't stand a chance!