Points2Ponder-Life Is Fleeting

Living a Moment with my daughter Ashley in Tennessee Mountains!
Living a Moment with my daughter Ashley in Tennessee Mountains!

Sometimes…it’s just hard… moving forward.

After a life changing event…like death!

You have to remind yourself what my mother always told me

“Life is for the living—don’t waste it on the dead!”

But…that’s a lot easier to say…than do!


Point2Ponder         When’s the last time you really understood how fleeting life is?


There’s a song by Tim McGraw called “Live like you were dying!”

It always reminds me of a time in my life when I kept a secret from my family.

The doctors thought that I had a brain tumor—and I went for the cranial MRI without telling a soul.

I didn’t want to worry them; I didn’t want to admit that “this could be it!”

Then that song came out—the words just resonated in my soul.

“I was finally a friend a friend would like to have!”

“All a sudden, going fishin, wasn’t such an imposition—I went 3 times that year I lost my Dad!”

“If you ever get the chance—Live like you were dying!”

I changed my whole way of living—and, I started “living!”

If you wonder why I do so much, plan so much, “live” so much…

It’s because—I want to see my Sequoias—I want to experience my moments…with no regrets!

If you know me—you know—I’ve been true to myself—and I “live” my life large!

And yet… so many of us say “someday, I’m going to go here…or someday, I’m going to do this!”

But someday never comes—and you just think you’ve got a right to more time—

Time is not your friend—it doesn’t wait for anyone.

My friend Sandy always wanted to drive through the Sequoias Red Wood Trees in California.

She would tell me “wouldn’t it be cool to DRIVE through a tree?”

Honestly—not for me—but for her—it was a dream to drive through a tree!

She never did!

She told me last Fall… when I begged her to go then…

“It’s too cold… we will go in the Spring—don’t worry, I’ve got time!”

Friday is March 21st, the traditional start of Spring…

Apparently, she didn’t!

I just have this strong sense that most of us think we control our destiny—when, in the end—you might not make it to the RedWoods!

So… appreciate life!

Respect the moment—this moment—and LIVE in this MOMENT!

Quit waiting to do what you’ve been waiting to do your whole life!

Sandy never got to her Sequoias!

Will that be you?

Will you let it be you?

In the end—that part is all in your hands!

NOW is the time to LIVE!

So… for Sandy, for yourself—don’t WAIT!

Life is for the living—don’t waste it on the dead!