Reflections of…Catching Up With Your Past You!

Reflections Of... Catching Up With Your Past You!



Can we talk?


This one won’t be long…I promise.

I had the opportunity, through Facebook, to catch up to Mike.

Mike and I knew each other when I was 13 years old.

Mike and I haven’t seen each other or talked to one another since I was 16 years old.


And yet… It was like no time had passed.


But how was that possible?

I had…

Lost my mother.

Graduated high school.

Graduated college.

Gotten married.

Had my twin daughters.

Had my son.

Lost my father.

Worked at IBM for 16 years.

Been through a horrific divorce.

Married the love of my life.

Blended a family with 6 kids.

Had 9, soon to be…10 grandchildren.

Had a near fatal heart attack.

Written two books that were published.

Started a blog that is read in 47 countries weekly.

Performed my son’s wedding, my godson’s wedding and 2 sons of my heart’s weddings.

Been at my oldest brother Joe’s bedside as he entered heaven.

Officiated the funerals of Ellen and Sandy—my two best friends who both went to heaven.

Received a healed heart from the Lord after a 21 day fast.


Been in a near fatal car accident where I met a man named Norm!


Mike didn’t know about any of these facts of my life.

But he still…

Remembered me.

The “me” I was when I was 15—loved the Lord---was funny—and liked helping people.

And I kind of thought—that’s still me today!

And he mentioned one other thing…

He said “people have told me that you’re intelligent!”


Didn’t expect that one…


Thanks be to God who gifted me with a brain that retains and a mind that analyzes—

I have proven to be an intelligent man capable of pragmatic thinking and applying “outside of the box” reasoning to all I do in life.

So…people say I’m intelligent—behind my back!


I walked away from our wonderful catching up session with a sense of validation.


A lot has happened over the years from 15 to 58, but…

I am essentially still a boy who…

Loves the Lord.

Loves to laugh.

Loves to help others.


And I am thankful that I haven’t changed.

My life still centers around my Lord!

Can you still say the same thing?


If you met your 15 year old self…

Would that self be proud of you?


Would they ask “what happened to change you into what you are now?”


Think about it…