Reflections Of…God’s Plan Unfolding!

Reflections Of... God's Plan Unfolding!

My Sweet Bella on her Birthday!

I purposely waited until today to write this.

You see…today is the last day of a journey that my wife and I have been on—together.

Most of you have no idea what she and I have faced together—as a couple—best friends—love mates.

And why would you?

You each have your own journey to travel—you are absorbed in your path, your hurdles, your dilemmas.

As it should be…

But—sometimes…it’s good to know—God has a plan!


Bella just had her birthday last week.

I asked her to take the day off work.

If you knew how dedicated my wife is to her career—you would know—NOT an easy task!

But…she did.


I surprised her as she awakened with—her BIG birthday present!

I never do that—I always draw it out until the end of the day, at dinner or at a surprise birthday party in her honor.

I’ve done the “surprise” birthday party a lot for her—she had never had one until we started dating.

I am pretty sure in the past 20 years—I have more than made up for that!


But this year… I wanted to do what she wanted to do…

Which is…nothing planned, no schedule, no timeline, just mosey through the day and do whatever she wants to do—or do nothing.


So…she loved her BIG present—I replaced her Past/Present/Future diamond pendant that she lost in Publix about 5 years ago.

That’s a whole other story!

But…I had said at the time “I’m not going to replace it! It was a once in a lifetime gift—and you loved it, and I loved giving it to you, replacement!”

And… I meant it.

At the time…


But…so much has happened in our lives over the past 5 years—I started thinking at Valentine’s that I would surprise her with a replacement.

Did NOT know it would be that difficult to find a replacement.

Apparently, they don’t make them anymore.

So…couldn’t find it for Valentine’s.

Gave her a 14k gold circle pendant—she loved it—not knowing that it was just filler until—I found that replacement.

And it took a month to finally find it!

So… when I presented her with it, I said “you are my past, my present and hopefully, my future—and I had to make sure the world could see!”

She loved it.

And…that was the end of my plans!

I told her that my gift was…no plans at all!

She was startled—in disbelief—until she asked “what’s next?”

And I said “all depends on you—what do YOU want to do?”

And we did it.

A movie.

Lunch at her favorite spot.

She went and got her nails DID—I meant to say it that way—it’s southern for “glad she doesn’t make me go with her to do that!”

I know—you millennial men—going to the salon WITH your wife, sitting right next to her—having YOUR feet did!

As an old-timer—I will say it for all of us –YUCK! Turn in you Man Card! Lol!

Then we went to a late dinner—her choice!


She told me at the end of the day “this has been my kind of birthday—thank you for listening!”


And I really did!


The Lord has been so good to us…

God took the “Norm” dilemma and turned it into a financial blessing.

God honored our 2018 January Fast with moving mountains to make her transfer possible.

God brought our daughter Tiffany and our grandsons home to live right before Bella’s birthday.


And it was all part of HIS plan!

Jeremiah 29:11 states “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans to prosper and have an expected prosperous end!”


Notice that He says “ expected END!”

It may not feel like it’s a good middle….

It may even feel like it’s a horrible beginning…

But remember—HE promised an Expected Prosperous END!

Prosperity is NOT just financial!

It can be good health.

It can be good relationships.

It can be good fortune in life.

Don’t get hung up on prosperity ONLY being a financial blessing!


It’s HIS plan—and HIS promise—for an Expected End!


And that’s why I wanted to wait until today—so I can declare that HE DID Provide us with an Expected End that is PERFECT!


Ponder this…

Trust in the Lord

Lean Not onto your own understanding

In all of your ways acknowledge HIM

And HE will give you the desires of your Heart!


He really does know…

Exactly what’s BEST for you!


And for every “season”…He has a “reason!”


So… IF you’re going “through it” right now…

Remember that the Word says…

“And it came to pass…”


It didn’t come to stay…

It came to pass!

Trust HIM to know…what your END will be!

God has a PLAN…for you…to prosper!