Reflections Of…It’s A Small World-After All!

Reflections Of... It's A Small World--After All!


Empanada Anyone?

Anybody ever been to Disney World?

Anybody ever ride the “It’s a Small World After All!” ride?

Anybody remember that annoying song that keeps playing in all different languages—but says the SAME thing!

Yeh—me too!


But look around—this big blue marble is pretty big!

With 7.442 billion people—on 7 continents—in 24 time zones—not sure it’s so small, after all?

Or…is it?


It seems, that song may be correct after all!

Follow me on this one…

About 3 weeks ago, I was watching a daytime talk show called “Pickler & Ben”.

They reported on a daughter who used twitter to save her dad’s business.

It was an empanada business.

It was in Houston.

In Houston?

As the story was reported—when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston—this business was one of the few to remain open.

The owner supplied food to many of the hurricane victims as a way of helping out his community.

Of course…there were so many who came and were fed by this little empanada company in the first weeks of Harvey.

And then…more places opened up and business started to wane and now…he is struggling to stay open.

Inspiring story…and yet, so sad to have him on the brink of losing his business after helping so many…

And I thought…

Wait—one of my sons of my heart- Joshua—lives in Houston.

I got on the phone and said “hey Josh, it’s your Dad—can you do something for me?”

I asked him to go visit, bless their business by buying an empanada—and send me a pic!

He didn’t know exactly where it was, but he promised to go check it out.

I asked him to tell the father if he got to meet him that we were praying that his business continues to prosper.

We both doubted that he would get that opportunity.

Historically, when people get a taste of notoriety—they tend to remove themselves from contact with the general public.


So…two weeks go by and…I suddenly get these pictures from Joshua.


It’s the place that I saw on Pickler & Ben!


I called my son and said “you went! Yay! How was it?”


He told me the following story…

Josh said he went in, ordered some empanadas to go(he was taking them to his lovely wife Rosie and my grandkids Maddie and Brian).

There was an older man up at the register.

Josh asked the guy to leave a message for the owner.

He told him that I had asked Josh to drop by and bless their business and let them know that people in Florida were praying for prosperity!

The older gentleman pointed up at a picture behind the cash register!

The picture was of an older man and a younger girl.

It was the older gentleman at the cash register—in the picture!

And that was HIS daughter—the same girl who had used twitter to get people to come support her dad’s business.

Josh was speaking to the owner who had helped so many in Houston after Hurricane Harvey by feeding them and remaining open to help.

Josh expressed my burden to pray for prosperity for his business and to let him know that people in Florida were praying for him.

He said in his broken spanglish- “Tell him we are grateful for the prayers and God is helping our business by bringing in people like you!”


Guess it really is…A Small World After All!


We are all part of a family—God’s Family—The Family of Man!


And you may think that you are in Florida and this business in Houston is so far away—how can you help them?


First—Prayer transcends time zones and miles.

Second – caring is the first step to helping.

Third—you never know how you might know someone who knows someone who knows someone who can help!


The Word says that We are ALL HIS Hands Extended Here On Earth!


And…it really is…A Small World After All!



why not help…

where you can….

when you can!

What Would Jesus Do?

Those Empanadas do look good!