Reflections Of…Family We Choose!

Reflections Of... Family We Choose!

Dad Dancing with Cinderella!

So…about five years ago…

I met a young man…

Shane was his name.


He was my high school best friend Sandy’s firstborn son.

He was also my godson.


His first words to me were:

I don’t hug.

I won’t ever get married.

I’m not sure about you.


My response was:

I do hug—get used to it.

IF you ever do decide to get married—I can perform your wedding.

I will grow on you—you can count on me!


And five years later…

My godson hugs me every time we see each other.

He and his beautiful bride were married almost four years ago—I performed the wedding!

He now welcomes me into his life as his parent because his mom and dad have both gone to heaven.


It’s all about family – you choose.


You see that picture?

That is Shane with his daughter Suzette at her Sweet 16 Birthday Party!

I say daughter because… that IS what she is to him.

Legally, Suzette is his step-daughter, but…there’s no “step” in this relationship.

He loves her and her sister Gabby just the same as he loves his biological daughters Amber and Aliea.

And the four girls are growing up as sisters—NOT step sisters!


And the girls think of us as their Uncle and Aunt—we are so honored to have them in our lives!


When Suzette invited us to her Sweet 16 Party—she said it was a masquerade ball and everyone should wear masks—I was elated!


Elated that she wanted us there!


She and her sister Gabby are such sweet girls, along with Amber and Aliea—who always make us feel loved and wanted in their lives.


And their mom Jessica—my daughter in law!


She is the BEST thing since sliced bread! That’s a southern colloquialism that just means—she’s the Bee’s Knees! Another one!


She loves those four girls like they were all born from her—and treats them that way, too.


But mostly—she is sooo good for my godson Shane.


She has proven that she is committed to him and his wellbeing, and… she is not going anywhere!


And yes—I have an investment into seeing that they succeed.


I take officiating a wedding seriously—I only perform ceremonies for those I care about and so… I support their growth as a couple.


Back to the party…

The “sweetest” thing at this party happened at the beginning…

Both Dads—biological and step –presented her to the audience.

Each had one of her hands and walked her into the party together.

Both smiling that smile that said “this is my daughter and I am so proud to be her Dad!”

And they walked her into the middle of the crowd…

Sat her down in a throne of a chair…

Both bent down and put one of her Cinderella glitzy high heels on her…

And then…

The music started…

It was a Stephen Curtis Chapman song he wrote for his daughter that said “I danced with Cinderella”.

Suzette’s biological dad danced with her first—it was sincere and thoughtful as the danced together and shared smiles and this moment.

Half way through the song…

Shane tapped him on the shoulder…

The men nodded to one another, approving of each other…

And Shane danced with his daughter!

They looked so perfect together!

Like he had been her Dad from day one of her life!


And this godfather was just so proud of his godson!

The man who did not hug, would not get married and wasn’t sure about me…

Was dancing with his daughter, married to her mom and so sure of the life God had given him…


A life full of love and…family he chose!