Reflections of…Love!

Reflections Of... Love!








Cherish Your Love!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!

The one day of the year when those who are loved are bestowed gifts and appreciation.

IF you are in a relationship!

But then…I also found out recently that Valentine’s Day is also known as “Single Awareness Day”

Why, you might ask?

Well…because in America, if you are not in a relationship on Valentine’s Day—you AND the world is aware that you are SINGLE!

I have to admit…

I have been in a relationship since I was 11 years old—yes, 11! I started out young appreciating the opposite sex.

So…I have always had someone to share the day with.

And I have to admit, I am BIG on Valentine’s Day!

We even took a week off one year and spent it at the SummerHouse in Savannah,GA.

We always go out to dinner and exchange presents and make the most of the moment.

We celebrate our Love!

And we take a moment to thank God for giving us each other!

That’s right!

We know and understand that so many people are not fortunate enough to find love a second time around.

And for that second love to be—Our Love of A Lifetime!

So, we pause and give thanks to our Lord and Savior for the gift HE gave us when HE sent US each other!

Sounds kind of corny, I am sure, but…

Is it?

IF you are in a relationship that makes your heart sing and makes you feel loved and appreciated…

Shouldn’t you be thankful to someone?

Someone like your significant other?

And if you are really aware of what a precious gift their love for you is…

Thankful to the Good Lord up above who made it all happen for you?

Look around—be aware of all of those who are NOT in a loving relationship and won’t be exchanging any symbolic gestures of love tomorrow.

Many of them would LOVE to be LOVED like you are LOVED!

And they all deserve it—


Aren’t you the lucky one?

Blessed Beyond Measure.

Maybe you just take your love for granted.

At this point in your long term relationship, maybe you just are ho-hum about each other.

Is that fair?

To each other?

To The Lord who gave you each other?

Why not spice it up and surprise your spouse/significant other with an overabundance of gratitude for Your Love of A Lifetime!


The Word talks in 1st Corinthians, chapter 13 about Love:

Love is Kind, Love is not puffed up, Love sees the best in us, Love endures all…

All reasons why—we need to appreciate the Love that We Feel for each other!


Maybe it’s roses.

Maybe it’s chocolates.

Maybe it’s just a card with your heart thoughts written out.

Maybe it’s just a night with no TV, no distractions, no noise.

But…make the effort, take the time, show the love!


I promised more controversial topics this year…and this is controversial!

Take the Time to Make your Mate feel Special!

Of course that should be every day, but…

Especially on Valentine’s Day—

The Day our World takes notice of those who are fortunate enough to be Loved and Cherished, Appreciated and Valued.

We really ARE…The Lucky Ones!