Reflections of… Joy And Peace!

Reflections Of... Joy AND Peace!






In due season, He will restore what the cankerworm has eaten away.

That is a promise that God gave to His people in the Old Testament.

He also heard David’s prayer in Psalms when David prayed “restore unto me the JOY of my salvation!”


Just what is it?

Joy is that leap in your step as you walk down the street—like you want to skip all the way home.

Joy is that feeling in your heart when you want to break out in song “How Great Thou Art!”

Joy is that sense that Something Good is About to Happen—you don’t know what and you don’t know when—but you know!

Joy makes the difference between a "Mundane Monday" and a "Can’t Wait to Get Oughta Here Friday!"

I KNOW you know THAT difference!

Joy is the difference between surviving and LIVING!

Can you understand what I’m saying?

Why would you ever want to live a single day…without JOY?


You can’t “fake” JOY.

You can’t “pretend” JOY!

You can’t “act” JOY!

JOY starts way down in your toes and just starts to build and grow until suddenly you are singing “everything’s comin up roses!”

JOY makes you giggle!

JOY makes you laugh!

JOY makes you sing!

Once you have known the pleasure of JOY—you just can’t settle for anything less than—Joy Unspeakable and Full of Glory!

That’s why David begged in Psalms for God to restore to him the JOY of his salvation!

And only God can give JOY!

Doctor can’t prescribe it.

Doctor can’t counsel it.

Doctor can’t inject it!

NOPE – it is sincerely only endued from Heaven!

That’s why those angels sang “JOY to the World!”

Peace is different!

Peace is the absence of anxiety.

Peace is calm in the middle of the storm.

Peace is assuredness in an unsure situation.

Peace is when you know that you know that God is gonna work it all out even though—nothing looks like anything will ever work out!

Peace is only prescribes by Dr. Jesus—and it does not come in a capsule or a pill or an injection—Peace is passed to you through HIM!

Both are gifts from God!

Both feel so good!

But Both Feel sooo different!

Peace lets you sleep at night.

JOY lets you sing all day long!

Life without peace leads to no sleep and no rest.

Life without joy leads to no happiness and no light spirit.

You can pray for both—but both come with a price!

You see—neither Peace nor Joy wait until AFTER something is fixed!

No—that’s too late!

God gives you Peace in the MIDDLE of the battle, in the dark of the storm!

God gives you Joy when you have no earthly reason to smile and sing and lift your eyes to Heaven!

And the price that it takes to receive BOTH Peace and Joy?

T TrustingYour

R RelationshipAnd

U UnderstandingIt’sAllInOur

S Savior’s

T Timing

TRUST—you have to TRUST God to answer your prayer in His way AND in His time!

You see—if it was fixed, you wouldn’t need God to give you JOY or speak PEACE over you!

NO—God rewards Faithfulness!

What is Faithfulness?

TRUSTing God To take care of your needs WHEN HE decides to take care of them!

Can you do that?

Can you be found faithful?

That’s the test!

That’s the proof!

That’s the key!

TRUST and Obey…All things are Possible…IF you Trust and Obey!

And on this Final Day…God gives me a dream to reassure me—

“My Son…I haven’t forgotten why you are fasting—I have heard your prayer—

In MY Time, I will bring about the answer—just know—until then, I have your back—continue to TRUST and Obey!”

And I woke up with… the JOY of my Salvation restored!

God rewards Faithfulness!

Be Faithful!