Reflections of… Friends Who Are Closer Than Family!

Reflections Of... Friends Who Are Closer Than Family!

We have all heard it said—Friends are the Family you get to pick!

And sometimes—that’s really true.

It’s painful to say, but not everyone has the picture perfect family who all love and support one another and love spending time together.

Not Everybody!

And unfortunately, my family is one of those families.

It has been my biggest heartache in 2017.

I spent the year mourning the fractured relationships in my family.

For those who are closest to me—they just shake their head in disbelief.

My heart it broken in a million pieces—the pain is at times unbearable.

And yet—with God’s help—my wife and I survived the unbearable pain and walked through the fire of 2017—victorious!

And arrived to Hope Unforeseen in 2018!

And we have felt since the beginning of this year—HOPE is in the AIR!

Through it all—God sent angels disguised as friends who are more than friends—to love us, support us, encourage us, be our family!

And that guy in the picture?

I call him Teeto—and he is one of those angels!

He and his wife Stace and their beautiful 2 sons and lovely daughter—have been family to us.

He and I met the first day back to work after my heart attack!

We are both 100% Italian…Sicilians, actually.

30 years difference in age—yes, 30 years!

But…somehow—God sent Teeto to me—to help me laugh again!

And we do a lot of that—at ourselves, at life, at people (just kidding!)

And I am thankful for him and his adopting us into his family.

Loc&Load (my nickname for his sons) call me Uncle Alan and my heart just melts.

They love Bella and me like we are family—and from a child—it just doesn’t get better than that!

And for them—we are thankful.

Then there’s a cousin who is now a sister. “B” took the time out to spend Saturday morning with me—just catching up.

She is a great listener but also a great empathizer—she really cares about the struggles I am having moving on from the pain.

I’m not looking for someone to answer the unanswered questions—only God has those answers—but a friend who loves me thru it?

That’s all I’m asking for.

And there’s TT, and GrannyZann and my Bestie—these three ladies are sisters in this life—they love my Bella and me like family—

And they call at just the right moment—just to say “I feel your pain—and I am sending a hug thru the phone just to say...we love you!”

And that’s all we need.

Then there are my sons of my heart—my godson and my “other” son—one in Land O’ Lakes, the other in Houston.

I had the honor of officiating at both of their weddings—one of the greatest honors of my life!

They call just to check on dear old Dad! And this DAD loves being THEIR Dad!

What I want you to understand is—Friends Really ARE the Family you get to pick!

They WILL fill the void left from the cracks in your heart, bleeding from the feelings of betrayal and abandonment from your blood family.

Let God’s Angels minister to you—that’s why HE sent them your way!

Bible says that “We entertain Angels Unaware!”

So if you are going through the pain of family struggles, family abandonment, family judgments—

Let God heal the hurt by sending Angels to your rescue.

And those Angels….are the Friends who feel like Family!

I just want to pause and say Thank You to My Angels in My Life—

I thank God each and every day for you—I could NOT have made it through 2017 without your love and support!

God Knows—He sends Angels!

Take time to thank yours!