Reflections of…Blue Lives Matter-Too!

Reflections Of... Blue Lives Matter-Too!

So this is going to be a difficult subject—

And I accept that some of you will disagree with what I am going to say.

But remember—our 2018 theme is HOPE:





So…let’s put that in action.

Right here….Right now.

With this controversial subject—Blue Lives Matter Too!

I am the first one to say—

What happened to shooting someone in the leg or arm to DISARM them?

Why are so many of the victims of these Blue crimes being killed?

So… I do NOT agree with how a lot of the shootings are happening.

And I AM DISAPPOINTED that all of the police charged have been let go and acquitted.

I mean the guy in New York who was selling cigarettes and they jumped him and he died at the scene?

Or the guy who was running from his car—shoot him in the LEG! Not 5 bullets in his back!

So please—there are injustices being done, and I agree that someone needs to pay for the wrongs they have done.

But, do we throw the baby out with the bath water?

Do we unequivocally blame ALL POLICE because there are some who are bringing shame and reproach to the shield?

Or… do we accept and understand that—there are rotten apples in every apple barrel—we don’t throw out ALL of the Apples!

I have great respect for the men and women who wear blue and a shield each and every day—putting their lives on the line for my safety.

I pray daily for their safe return to their family and home—no child should lose their parent in the line of duty—NO CHILD!!

They never know when a routine traffic stop for a busted tail light ends up with them being dragged as the driver decides to drive away—

With the police officer in tow!!

And yes—that has really happened!

Most of them are dedicated to the honor of serving their community.

And you have to know—they do NOT get paid fairly for what they daily sacrifice.

It is an honorable profession—at least, it used to be.

But in 2018…with Ferguson in our hearts and minds—things have happened that should NOT have transpired.

And it was at the hands of a police officer.

None of their actions are acceptable or defendable.

We deplore those bad apples that have made this environment that we now live in—when those in Blue are disrespected and distrusted.

Those who have done the misdeeds deserve the dishonor—but then there are "that" majority— who tirelessly serve and protect US -who do NOT!

The Bible says to pay honor to whom honor is due!

And for those out there, doing the job, with the low pay and high possibility of loss (life or limb) at the hands of those they are serving- I salute you!

I won’t jump on the bandwagon proclaiming all police are bad and deserve to be shot!

That’s anarchy!

When we choose to defame the ones who are committed to protect and serve us—we are legislating a lawless society!

And we all know—we CAN’T have that!

Laws may be for those who abide by the law...

But cops are for those who refuse to abide!

And when they are caught by the police—the police make our society a little safer because at least today—a police officer has secured the area for the rest of us.


When you respond, and I sincerely hope you select the “Contact Alan” at the top of the Menu Bar and send me your response…I want to hear it…

Please remember that I do NOT defend the undefendable—those bad apples that have given our “servants of the people” a bad name.

Remember HOPE and what it stands for…

We can calmly and peacefully have these emotion filled possibly combustible conversations with one another—and NOT lose respect for each other.

Help ME make HOPE Happen!

Write! Share! Discuss!


We Salute all who serve! Military and Police!