Reflections of…Let’s Give HOPE a Chance!

Reflections Of... Let's Give HOPE a Chance!

It’s been awhile—I know—a long while.

Just haven’t really found a reason to write.

I always promised myself that I would only write when I was inspired.

With that promise kept…it’s been several months since I have felt inspired.

2017 was such a year of adjustment for so many I know.

Adjustments to so many unexpected changes.

If you know my life--- you have no doubt heard of a man called Norm!

I kicked off the “Darn That Norm!” campaign in March 2017—after Norm hit me and totaled my car and left me with a broken left hand.

All of the unexpected adjustments I had to make to my life due to someone else’s actions that adversely affected my life.

I am a severe Lefty—so, losing the use of my left hand was severe!

And every time I had to endure some change due to it—I would shout “Darn the Norm!”

It became my comical way of coping with the adjustments to my life!

And yet….by the end of the year, I was saying “Thank you Norm!”

Why? Let’s just say that, Thanks to the actions of Norm—our home is NOW PAID OFF!

Thank you Norm!!

But this year?

I felt the Lord whisper into my spirit—“there is Hope—don’t give up—have Hope!”

And this was confirmed by an old friend I have not spoken to in years—she reached out to me and said God revealed the same thing to her!

Hope it is!

What is hope, you might ask?

H= Helping

O= Others

P= Peacefully

E= Exist

Can’t we all use some hope in our ever changing, more combustible than ever, polarizing world we live in?

I can no longer talk to my brother about politics—we are still both republicans, but we do NOT agree on the current president.

I can no longer talk to my friends about football—I chose to boycott the NFL because I don’t want politics when I am watching football.

You have every right to protest whatever you want—our Constitution guarantees you that right!

But…do it where it is appropriate—like in front of the stadium, with your placards raised—showing your peaceful protest in action.

Don’t take a knee when the National Anthem is played—whether you are intending to offend our military doesn’t matter—

Because….you are!

And I can no longer talk about religion with my Islamic friends because people assume because I am republican, I must want to deport them.

I AM republican, but I am NOT a Trumper, I am NOT in favor of building a Wall, and I do NOT want innocent dreamers sent home—they ARE home!

So…if we can each take HOPE to Heart and…Help Others to Peacefully Exist…

Can’t we change this world for the better?

Can’t we be the change we want to see?

Can’t we live by example instead of by words?

Who is willing to join me?

We can’t make it better until we are willing to fight for HOPE!

Let’s make 2018 the year we….

Help Others Peacefully Exist!