Reflections Of… You Never Know!






In an instant—your life can change—and you never saw it coming!

I was driving home Tuesday afternoon, around 6:45pm, when all of a sudden, I see a red car dash in front of me, going 60 mph…

And I said out loud “this guy’s gonna hit me!”

And at that moment- my life changed forever.

He DID hit me—or ran in front of me so quickly that I t-boned him- between his front and back driver side door.

I literally watched in slow motion as my air bag deployed—right in my chest!

Within 30 seconds, a twenty something young man was at my door.

“Sir, are you okay? Can you get out of your car quickly please? There are all sorts of fluids coming out of your car and I just don’t think it’s safe for you to stay inside!”

I was shaken up and disoriented, but I followed his lead as he walked me over to the curb and helped me sit down.

Then I saw it—MY CAR! It looked like an accordion in the front and side.

My car---my Koby Soul! I had named it Koby when I bought in for my birthday in January 2014!

Only 32,000 miles and never had any food in it—Never!

That drove my wife crazy—no fast food in MY car!

And for all that—there was my Koby—in the middle of the road, cars whisking past.

Within a few minutes, I got to meet Norm.

Who is Norm?

Norm is the 74 year old guy who met me saying “I didn’t see you—I just didn’t see you!”

Even at 57—I was raised in the South—we respect our elders.

So…I couldn’t even yell at him.

He said “I’ve been driving 47 years and never an accident…until today!”

I did retort “so why’d you pick me?”

We both laughed.

Norm was not hurt.

My left hand was throbbing and my right chest was killing me!

You have to remember that I am a heart attack survivor so…any pain in my chest concerns me!

The police and the tow truck guys said Koby was totaled- the damage was extreme.

My brother and sister-in-law came to get me.

I kept saying “I can’t believe he hit me!”

My wife looked at my chest—black and blue from where the airbag deployed IN MY CHEST!

My left hand was still killing me.

She said “as long as you can wiggle your fingers—it’s not broken!”

Remember that for later.

I didn’t sleep well- kept waking up from a dream reliving the accident.

My wife said that I was yelling “this guy’s gonna hit me!”

Over and over again.

I went to the ER the next morning to get checked out.

X-rays of hand and right side were taken.

Ribs were NOT broken- yay!


Remember that finger wiggling comment from my wife?

Well Nurse Jessica dispelled that old wife’s tale with the declaration “you’re hand is broken!”

Even IF I can wiggle my fingers?

YES—even IF!

So…cast placed on left hand- they want to put a pin in my left hand when they do hand surgery.

Bella and I went to get my personal effects out of our Kia—

And I saw it—and it hit me!

I walked away from that!

To God be the Glory!

I heard the scripture that promises “and lo, I am with you always!”

And He was!

In an instant—One Unexpected Event—my life changed—the moment I met Norm!

But…my bride is NOT planning a funeral and my friends are NOT writing eulogies…

Because God saw fit to let me walk away!

I’ll never forget the day I met Norm—but mostly, I’ll never forget having the chance to be alive to meet Norm!

And all I can keep singing is “How Great Thou Art!”