Reflections of…Always Be Ready!

The scripture says “Preach the Word--Be instant in season…and out of season!” II Timothy 4:2

What exactly does that mean?

A little ABR—always be ready!

Like at a 10 year old grandson’s birthday party!

Marcus Riley Johnson is our 2nd oldest grandchild—and he just turned 10.

Nano, that would be me, started a tradition that all 9 of our grandkids get, on their 10th birthday—100 $1 bills!

Yes—100 $1 Bills!

I know, I know—that can be expensive!

With 9 grandkids—you betcha!

I did NOT think this through before I said it—but, now I have to keep the tradition going!

And believe it or not—you can’t take your money with you, so…why not make a 10 year old smile ear to ear!

You see-- $100 to a 10 year old is HUGE! To a teenager? Not so much!

So…if you want to impress your grandkids—do it when they are impressionable—like at age 10!

And oh—what  a memory you will make! For them—AND for you!

Nano and Nana playing dodgeball with the grands!

So Nana and Nano put on this party for Marcus—I have always called him MarkyMarc! Nano’s nickname for him!

We themed the party SPIDERMAN! The cake! The plates! The toys—all Spiderman!

And we had games—like water balloons, water guns, skittles n straws and Dodge Ball with the grands!

The kids had a lot of fun!

Nano and Nana were exhausted.

We saved the best for last—the presentation of the Mulah! (Money! 100 clams!)

But wait—back to the scripture.

I ordered a dishwasher for my wife—it’s her birthday on Thursday, so I wanted it delivered before her birthday.

Jay and his coworker showed up with the washer—he had difficulty installing it.

He said “Saturday is my day for blessing people—so I am not leaving til we install this!”

And with a lot of hard work and some ingenuity—it was installed.

I thanked him and shook his hand—something hit me when I did—and I asked “may I pray with you?”

Who does that? Pray with a service provider?

Yeh—that would be me!

So I prayed with him—asked God to bless him big for his commitment to quality and to open doors he didn’t even see there!”

When we finished—he was smiling ear to ear.

He said “this is what you didn’t know. I have been in a deep valley for 3 months—wondering if I would ever feel God’s presence again. I prayed each day for me to feel His presence, but nothing! I asked him to let me feel Him no matter where or when! But nothing—for 3 months—nothing. But today, when you prayed for me—I felt the Lord’s presence for the first time in 3 months! I had to come here to meet you to have you pray for me to feel God’s presence. Thank you for obeying the Lord—He used you to answer my prayer!”

And he hugged me.

Wow!! I didn’t see that coming—in the middle of a 10 year old’s birthday party—but, I have learned ABR!

Always Be Ready!

And wherever and with whomever God wants to use me—I am His to be used as He sees fit!

Is that how you feel? Do you yield to the Lord to be used as He sees fit?

There might be a Jay who needs you to do what God says—when He says it!

You could be His Hands Extended to touch a heart and confirm a prayer—yes--- YOU!

It’s really simple when you no longer think about being embarrassed or being offensive or being wrong!

Trust the Lord who loves you to never cause you embarrassment—He’s not like that—EVER!

ABR—Always Be Ready! For Him to use you!

Back to the party—When I prayed over Marcus and gave him his 100 $1 dollar bills---

He wanted to make it rain! And he did!

Then he said “Nano—I want to roll in the money!”

And he did that too!

MarkyMarc rollin' in the money!

It was everything I hoped it would be—for him AND for me!

Memory made by all—and prayers answered to boot!

A-B-R! Just that simple, just that easy—IF you want it to be!