Reflections of…Sharing The Good News!

buy real viagra online cheap You see that young man?

here He is following his dream…

At the ripe old age of 67!

I know, I know…he doesn’t look a day over 45, but he really is..67!

And yet—he is undaunted by the possible hurdles he must face… on his path, following his dream.

Even if it’s a 24 hour airplane ride from Tampa to Nairobi—KENYA!

His dream, his passion, his calling—is to be a missionary!

And he has been walking in that calling as a missionary for 8 years—this summer will be 8 years since his first trip to Costa Rica.

He took a group of people from our church on their first of many trips to Costa Rica.

Then God opened the door for him to speak in Brazil…


He has been back to Africa a few times—ministering to other pastors, to children, to adults who want to hear the “good news!”

That Jesus loves them and that Jesus cares for them where they are.

There’s a scripture that says “Go ye therefore, teach all nations, go…baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost!”

We call it the Great Commission…

It’s called that because it commissions all of us to…GO!

Go and tell others about Jesus—to every nation—even America!

My friend Charles felt the burden to cross bodies of water and go through forests and travel in treacherous terrain—to tell others about Jesus.

We pray for him each time he steps out on his great commission—fulfilling God’s call on his life.

And he’s no spring chicken—although he acts like one.

While others in their sixties are starting the last leg of their journey—called retirement—not Charles and his lovely bride Mavis.

They are not content to sideline through life—they are in the battlefield for their Lord.

What about you?

Where are you spreading the “good news”?

Who are you telling the good news to?

What treacherous terrain are you crossing just to get the message out “Jesus Loves you just the way you are!”

You see—many are content to just phone it in once they hit a certain age—they’ve done their time, earned their points, made their mark…

But, for people like Charles and Mavis—it’s not about earning the right to not do anything—

It’s about finding that one thing that you were meant to do—and loving it enough to—go do it!

I myself have always found the missionary field of Corporate America to be the place where I have been called.

From IBM to Bank of America, from Hewlett Packard to Progressive Insurance—I have always taken His Light into the dark places.

The Word says “Let your light so shine before men!”

And there are those in cubicles and corner offices all across Corporate America who need Jesus too.

God has used me over the years to be the person everyone brings their prayer requests to, asks for advice and seeks counsel from.

Why? Because people watch your life—not that it has to be perfect, but that you show a “strength” when dealing with life’s hurdles…

A strength that shows—God is your source, your refuge, your strength!

Sharing God’s love to a lost and dying world—whether it’s Nairobi or New York City.

Jesus loves them all.

And He wants to send you out to teach all nations—

Question is?

Will you go?