Reflections of…The Bonds of Friendship!

Reflections of...The Bonds of Friendship!

Friendship is the blessing from Heaven that helps you step thru the tough times and sees you to the other side.

My favorite scripture is Proverbs 18:24 “A man who has friends must be friendly; and there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother!”

2 parts to that scripture.

  • If you are going to have a friend—you must be a friend! Reciprocate the effort of friendship—it is an effort—worthwhile, but still…
  • Jesus is that friend who sticks closer than a brother would-I have a close brother—and, believe me, that’s pretty close. My brother would do anything for me, and he has always been there anytime I have needed him, so I know—if Jesus is going to be closer than Paul—that’s close!

I don’t take my friendships for granted—I know people my age who do not have any close relationships that they call friend.

Oh sure—they know people—don’t we all? But, to sit and say “I’m having a tough time right now and I just need a friend.” That’s not something they can say to anyone because—they have not cultivated and nurtured an acquaintance relationship into a bond of friendship.

And it takes effort—you have to be a friend to have a friend—you need to work to be the kind of friend that a friend would like to have.

Think about that—the kind of friend that a friend would like to have—someone who is caring, attentive, thoughtful, present when needed.

Are you that to your “friends?”

I really am.

And I am blessed to have my faithful 5, who are 6, who are also that good friend to me.

Butch, Teeto, Suzann, Shawn, Kay and Belinda—are the kind of friend you would love to have.

The guys are guys—but they are tender hearted and loyal and present in my life—tough times, good times, all times—shared!

The ladies are the sisters I never had—they sometimes dote on me, sometimes kick me in the rear end—like a true loving sister would.

You see that picture?

That’s two of the five who are six.

Now see if you can follow me—

The one in the middle is my cousin by blood, but my sister by heart.

Her mom was my Aunt Ciria (pronounced See-Dee—ah!).

She was my second mom.

When she passed—she made me promise to always watch over those she loved—and she adored her only child Belinda.

So…that’s how my cousin became my sister.

And the other one?

That’s my sister-in-law Kay, married to my brother Paul.

She has known me since I was eleven years old—when she sat in my makeshift tent outside in our yard—and I lied and told her that I was adopted.

I felt adopted. I looked adopted(I was blonde, fair skinned and blue eyed; they were olive complexion, dark hair and dark eyes).

She believed me!

She asked my brother “Why didn’t you tell me that Alan was adopted?”

Hmmmm? Because he’s not!


Over the years, she has been my Mom replacement—I was 17 when my mama passed away—so Kay has mothered me over the years.

But now…we are Best friends!

I call her Bestie—she calls me BFF—we call each other often.

Our spouses don’t mind—they know—Kay and I are talkers—and we also are energizer bunnies—we do and go and do and go again!

So…it’s agreed—a Bestie Day once a quarter is required.

This was one of those days—and I invited my sister to join us for lunch.

Get the 3 of us together—and who has time to eat? We talk a mile a minute and still—keep all 3 conversations going without missing a beat.

They know me—and love me as I am.

Not an easy task—I will admit.

And they know—my heart is hurting due to a fractured relationship that I cannot fix—no matter how hard I try—only God can!

So… we don’t have to talk about that—they are just present in my life—for when I need a hug, need a shoulder to cry on.

Until then—we just talk about everything!

And sometimes—we talk about nothing.

Just sharing life and we walk through this meandering path, sometimes it’s hilly, sometimes it’s valley—always, it’s interesting.

And… worth talking about.

Glad I’ve got the kind of friends who love to share their lives.

It really is better when shared!