Reflections of…Just Because!

Reflections of...Just Because!

Brace yourself…

buy cheap viagra online australia This is going to be revealing.

About me.

You see—I believe in…

Expressing love…


Yeh—I said it—if I love you—I let you know!

And conversely, if I don’t—you know that too!

I just really believe in verbally appreciating the people who matter to me.

If you have impacted my life, affected my heart, transformed my way of living, made a difference in whom I was and who I am now…

I’m going to show my appreciation!

Always verbally, either through conversation or a card or letter—

Side note—I am a BIG believer in cards—maybe ad nauseam, but—I often send cards for holiday and then, the best ones are sent…

Just Because…

Yes—I am a big believer in expressing my love and appreciation for someone in a “Just Because” kind of way.

That may be a little present that I know you might laugh at or love or be surprised that I picked up on how you liked something.

Case in point—I have a dear friend who is a Cat Lover—and that, is an understatement.

She loves her cats--- she is a champion for cat adoption and care of those who have special needs.

I admire her devotion and dedication to her cause—I must admit—I like Siamese cats because of their arrogance—but, that’s about it.

She is a crusader for the well treatment of all animals but, at this point in her life, especially cats.

So…I we had lunch the other day, and I gave her a “Just Because” present.

It was just a magnet I picked up while in Savannah, but…I saw it and thought “Shirley would love this!”

I’m generous like that—my wife gives me budget that I can spend on others—just to buy little somethings that may show my appreciation.

By “budget” I mean—she never tries to tell me what to spend and could never stop me from buying something I want to get for a friend.

I recently was in a Dollar Tree and saw shamrock scarves—and I thought “my Bestie is the only Irish person I know—she would love this!”

Sorry Kay—they were from the dollar store—but, she loved them!

My wife and I have been doing this “just because” thing for 19 years—it started when we started dating.

No real reason, but “just because” we love celebrating love and sharing a moment with one another, just to say “you matter to me!”

It may be in a present, it may be in a card, it may be in a picture…and it may be in a poem.

Now I am the Poet in our home—check out the Poetry Section of this website and you will see—I have been writing poems and songs forever.

But my Bella?

Not usually.

She used to—back when we first started dating, but…over the years, it has become less and less.

Not the “presents” but the “poetry”.

So she really surprised me with the little limerick she composed in my Valentine’s Day card.

It took me aback—it made me cry—my Bella made me cry.

It touched my heart and let me know—she knew and understood.

Knew and understood what?

Knew and understood that I’m going through a tough time right now.

God knows what’s going on- you don’t need to—but I do appreciate your prayers.

So when I opened up the card, and I read…

Through thick and thin…

We have always been…

Through new and old…

Our love is gold…

The ups and downs may give you a frown…

But the Lord and I will not let you down!”

It touched my heart—

She let me know—she was there for me—she wasn’t going anywhere—we would weather this storm together!

And it reassured me that—I was not alone, I was appreciated, I was supported.

All the things a “Just Because” present should do.

So…why not you?

Do you realize how much good a little reassurance can do for someone going through a touch time?

Maybe a card? It takes 50 cents to buy a card—Dollar Tree—two for a dollar!

A stamp costs 49 cents—I buy 20 at a time.

And you can buy a few cards at a time to go with your stamps.

Or maybe… just considering your friends when you are out shopping.

The next time you think “so and so would just love this!”

Don’t just THINK it—go ahead and BUY it!”

It doesn’t have to be expensive to be thoughtful.

Love really is all we need—and we need to share the Love!

If you are lucky enough to be loved…you should be grateful enough to show love!

And it all starts with you!


Just Because…

Even upside down...
Love is all you need!