Reflections of…A Chance Encounter! Ever have one of those moments when…

see url You are walking….aimlessly…

follow Through an art exhibit.

Not really noticing anything specific…

Just taking it all in…

When all of a sudden,

You take a left, and then a right, and then swing around one exhibit…

And Voila!

You run into someone—almost colliding!

And most times, you would say “excuse me” and then go on your way…

But this time… you strike up a conversation—and you spend about 30 minutes, talking about the obvious—the exhibit.

That’s how I met Miss Ersula Odom.

We were standing in front of her exhibit on Local Black American Heroes.

It is Black American History month—and it is something that I am always keenly interested in learning more about.

You see—of our 9 grandkids, two of them are half black and half white.

And we honor and celebrate both sides of their heritage.

And Miss Odom had a wonderful display of some of our local heroes—people most people didn’t know anything about.

She had a lot of interesting facts that I was not aware of—very educational.

She also does a characterization of Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, the founder of Bethune-Cookman College, a private African American college over in the Daytona, Fl area. Dr. McLeod Bethune was a civil rights activist and well known educator. Miss Odom does a presentation where Dr. McLeod-Bethune comes alive through Miss Odom.

We had a delightful time, reminiscing about the good ol’ days and about our favorite topic- our kids and grandkids.

Miss Odom had a charismatic personality and a smile that would win millions—quite the entertainer!

As we started to leave, I told her about our Reflections blog and how we are read in over 63 countries each week…

And that I was going to write about her because…she had made an impression on me.

I felt inspired by hearing her story—how she just wanted to make sure the next generation knew about the struggles and victories of the past.

She was a gateway back to a day, not so far away, when not everyone could come and go as they pleased.

I sensed her commitment to being an oracle of history for anyone to hear and learn from.

Miss Odom had a passion for what she was doing—educating and inspiring.

I know that’s what she had done for me—educated and inspired.

Her website is and it is worth taking a look-n-see!

She is an author and provides character sittings where she comes in character and teaches and inspires her audience.

Bella and I both felt that it was not just a chance meeting—we were brought together for an appointed moment in time.

And I was better for having met Miss Ersula Odom.

It really makes you wonder…

Do things just happen?

Or… is there a Master Plan to your life?

I know one of my favorite scriptures reminds me:

“For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord; plans to prosper you and to give you an expected end!” Jeremiah 29:11.

So…His plans…all of His plans…even taking a left, then a right then turning a corner and BAM! You run smack dab into the middle of a moment God prepared for you…so you could be educated and inspired.

Isn’t God Good?

Oh yes He is…Oh YES He Is!

Black History is Our History!