Reflections of…Time to Rejuvenate!

There are days that are meant for working hard and getting a lot accomplished…

cheapest place for propecia And…there are days meant for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation of your heart and soul.

Saturday was one of those other days.

My wife and I started out the day on our screened terrace, having breakfast—homemade.

I have to tell you—my sweet Bella makes the BEST breakfast in the world.

I’m not usually a breakfast eater—I usually don’t eat anything until lunch.

I’ll have a cup of coffee in the winter—from November to March, usually.

Then I retire coffee for the spring and summer and… I just go straight to my Dasani water.

I am a water connoisseur – I know my water—and I have determined that Dasani is the BEST—it has a sweet taste to it that I love!

Back to Bella’s breakfast!

On Saturday and Sunday mornings—I am blessed by my wife’s home cooking.

She makes the crispiest bacon, the runniest over medium eggs, the thinnest pancakes, the grittiest grits and the homiest home fries you will ever eat! And it’s all coming out of our humble abode on Peach Avenue.

You should stop by some time.

By…make sure you call ahead—want to make sure someone hasn’t beaten you to the table! LOL!


After breakfast, I forced my Bella to help me in the backyard with some planting and weeding of some new flower beds.

She was NOT a happy camper!

She did NOT want to do this!

She did NOT sing as she worked!

There were NO butterflies dancing as my Snow White frolicked in the garden—nope, not one!

But… we got it done—and it looked great—hoping at least half of the stuff we planted lives!

I have a green thumb—but Bella’s thumb? She makes a wonderful breakfast…but her thumb? Let’s just say it’s not green!

We got ready to head out…

And we went to our favorite beach—Treasure Island.

It was a perfect day- windy, sunny, springy.

And we got to the beach, and…

There was a Kite Festival going on!

All sizes and shapes: a crab, a sports car, a circle in constant motion (the pic I included)—so many people, so many kites!

And it was perfect!

We remembered that we had brought Jett one time to see the kites—and my heart smiled at the memory.

So, I had brought our camp chairs, and my sweet Bella and I sat at the shore, with the waves beating against the shore.

It was rejuvenating.

Just basking in God’s beauty—His nature—His handiwork!

I took a walk along the shore, and I found this lady, sitting in a frog like position—like my brother Joe used to sit when I was growing up.

I stopped and talked to her for a moment because—I am THAT guy who stops and talks to strangers—Bella is NOT that guy! Lol!

As we are talking, I see this beautiful mosaic that she has been working on.

She said it was just this morning when she started, but---WOW!

It was beautiful!

And it was so detailed!

And it must have had over 500 shells—small, medium, large!

All that she collected and assembled and put in place—all so it could be admired by the passersby along the shore.

She said “my husband and I went for lunch, and when I got back, someone had damaged it, but…I just took the time to restore it back!”

And restore it back she did—it was breathtaking!

And I just paused and said “Thank you Lord—just to see this handiwork, just to feel this weather, just to take this time…to rejuvenate!”

Maybe life has been kicking your butt lately?

I know it has been kicking mine!

But… I trust the plans God has for me; plans to prosper and for an expected end! Jeremiah 29:11

Understanding that—His plan for you is to prosper and to get to the end that HE planned for you—that HE expects of you…

Sometimes, you just have to take a break, rest a little while, have a great breakfast, work in your garden, walk along the shore…

And just rejuvenate!