Reflections of…Giving Honor Where Due

watch The Bible says to “give honor where due!” Romans 13:7

And today, I celebrate a wonderful moment in my life.

here It was 6 years ago this weekend, at the end of my 21 day fast…

That My Lord and Savior healed my heart!

And I have medical proof to back that up.

Yes—He did!

And it was after He asked me “if I never heal your heart, will you still serve me?”

And I remember so solemnly soberly saying “though He slay me, still I will serve Him!” Daniel 3:15-18

After 19 months of an elephant standing on my heart, day in and day out, I was resolved—this pain was not going away, and…

I was just going to have to find a way to “live again” and not just survive a heart attack!

I am not someone who likes to give into a situation or circumstance—I always think “how can I make this better?”

But…I had tried everything in those 19 months, and except when I spent time with my young grandson Jett—the pain never ceased.

So that day…I just made up my mind—I was going to name my elephant and learn to love my life with Evan in it.

Evan—that’s the name of my elephant!

But instead—all God needed to hear was—I would be willing to live with my infirmity and still “LIVE” for HIM!

You see—sometimes, He is just testing you to see—will you quit complaining and begging and just go on with life and make it the best you can!

Will you CHOOSE to LIVE in whatever state you’re in?

Even if it’s Florida?

Seriously—contentment is not resignation.

You are not resigning to anything.

When you are content—you are at peace.

With an elephant; without an elephant...

Still—at peace with your life and desiring to live and not just survive.

It’s all in your attitude.

Remember that line “I complained of having no shoes until I met the man who had no feet!”

I was telling someone the other day---it’s all about perspective.

All you need to know what “good” is…is to have had “bad!”

It’s all relative.

And you decide—how you will handle no shoes or no feet—complain because your feet hurt or learn to walk on your hands?

Now there’s a man who has turned lemons into lemonade.

Back to my celebration—I recall the nights I would put myself to bed at 8pm because the pain was so present.

I would just lie there, hoping that, if I didn’t move—the pain would dissipate and not increase.

I would break out into a cold sweat, all the while—I was having pains in my left arm.

It felt like I was having another heart attack—night after night.

And I’m not making any of this up.

My healing is documented in my book “Put Feet To Your Faith!” which you can find on this website—free of charge—documenting the miraculous healing God gave me, that I still walk in 6 years later—that was attested to by a Hindu Cardiologist who admitted that “something must have happened because you had a damaged heart and now—it’s like you never ever had a heart attack! I can’t explain it, but I can see it with my own two eyes!”

Dr. “K” passed away last May 2016—I don’t know if he ever made peace with Jesus Christ, but I DO know that Dr. K knew that Jesus healed my heart because I told him so repeatedly. Each time, he shook his head and just said “I don’t know about that—but I do know—your heart is perfect!”

And I am about to go see my original cardiologist—who put my stent in and who told my wife “you should have been a widow today! He had 100% occlusion in his LAD artery—that kills most people—your husband got lucky today—and so did you because he should be dead!”

Dr. Singh will also hear about how Jesus healed my heart—and with the transferred medical records from Dr. “K”, he will also read about it!

Who knows? Maybe I can witness about Jesus to another Hindu doctor.

Maybe God just wants to see—will you tell somebody what I’ve done for you?

I’m reminded of the 10 lepers who were healed by Jesus and went on their way.

2 returned to give thanks. Jesus said “weren’t there 10 that I healed? And only 2 come back to give thanks?” Luke 17: 11-19

What has He done for you that you need to stop and just say “thank you” for?

Oh yeah—and He loves it when you brag on Him to others!

Talk Jesus Up today—He really has been good to me!

Has He been good to you?

Tell somebody!


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