Reflections of…A Parent’s Greatest Scare!

Next to death…

A Parent also never expects to…

Rush their child to the hospital.

Because…his appendix is rupturing…

And he is 7 years old!

Our sweet prince Jett Jameson spent this past week in the hospital.

It all happened on Wednesday, January 18th.

Jett had just come back from his first plane ride AND his first time in the snow.

He went with his maternal grandparents to Rochester, New York.

Apparently—I can only go by what I’ve been told 2nd and 3rd hand—

Jett wasn’t feeling well on the trip-

But they continued on because it seems like it was just a little stomach pain.

He got home Monday night and he said he didn’t feel well.

His mom and dad put him to bed—and his mom noticed he had a temperature.

She gave him some Tylenol and watched him through the night.

The next morning, he was complaining of his stomach not feeling well.

What I am about to say may shock some people who know me…

But those who really know me best know…I have always said this!

Thank God for his Mom—she just had a bad feeling that something was off with him.

She decided to take him to the doctor instead of school.

She knew he was okay, but…she just has an intuition that something was off.


The doctor checked Jett and noted that there was tenderness and swelling in the right side of Jett’s stomach.

He did a CT scan, and it revealed—7 year old Jett was in pain because his appendix was rupturing.

7 years old? Who has heard of such a thing?

I just turned 57 and I’ve still got mine. Do you have yours?

They rushed him into surgery—he must have been so scared—my poor JettJett.

He came out of surgery okay—doctor said they were going to watch him for a day and…if all was okay, he could go home.

Unfortunately, all was NOT okay!

As of today—5 days later—JettJett is still in the hospital.

His swelling did not go down as expected.

His appetite did not return as expected.

His lack of energy and listlessness was worse than expected.

Our little prince was NOT bouncing back like they had hoped.

He wasn’t eating—he had no appetite!

He was just out of it—he would respond, and he would walk around if requested, but…he was NOT our JJ!

No parent ever wants to see their child going through pain.

Remember when your parents used to say “If I could take the pain from you and carry it for you—I would do it in an instant!”

Never understood that comment when I was a kid, but…

As a parent and now—as a grandparent—here’s my appendix—just give it to him so he will be okay!

We know it’s not that simple—we don’t need our appendix.

It serves no medical purpose.

We can’t even explain why we have one.

But—let it get inflamed or burst or rupture?

You are in the hospital for at least a few days.

In Jett’s case—5 so far.

We just got the word that—doctor is hoping to release him to go home tomorrow.

Thank God!

We have had everybody praying for our Prince JJ!

Wouldn’t you if it were your son or grandson?

Sure you would.

That’s all about being a parent.

And learning the true meaning of love.

To be willing to replace that person you love, experience the pain they are experiencing, take on whatever is hurting them…

All in the name of love.

If we feel that love toward our children and grandchildren…

Can you imagine how our God the Father feels about us?

Sheds a whole new light on…

“For God so loved the world that…He gave!”

I kinda understand that kind of giving now.



We gave Jett this "IMissYouSoMuch"Asaurus!