Points2Ponder-A Surprise That Touched Your Heart

Kaylee and The Dolls!
Kaylee and The Dolls!

You just never know how you knowing someone…

Could affect someone else—who doesn’t even know them!

Just because… you are friends with both of them—but they are not friends at all.

But your love for both of them—somehow, someway—brought them together.


Point2Ponder    When’s the last time someone surprised you, and touched your heart?


My dearest friend Sandy is in the last hours of her life—we have prayed for healing, we have prayed for a miracle…

But always—we have prayed for His Will to be Done!

And now we rest in the knowledge that He has spoken and—He is calling our sweet sister home to be with Him.

It is bittersweet for those of us who love her so—letting her go—knowing that—we will need to make Heaven to see her again!

And yet—if ever there is anyone who deserves to be “promoted” to Heaven—it is Sandy.

I have this other dear friend Suzann.

She has never met Sandy, but yet—she knows her so well because—they are both my friends, and I share “their lives” with each other.

When Sandy got sick last June, Suzann was dealing with her own unexpected event—diverticulitis that went way wrong.

We almost lost Suzann three times—but God saw fit to raise her up—and she has continued to just love those she knows with God’s love.

And she chose to “love” Sandy—through me—and then—one day—I see—

Them talking to each other via Facebook!

They are now friends outside of me!

And I could not be happier.

Suzann made Sandy a scarf. Sandy’s favorite color is purple. She wore that scarf beautifully.

Sandy sportin' Suzann's scar!
Sandy sportin’ Suzann’s scar!

This past week, as we prepared to say goodbye to our dear Sandy, Suzann called me.

She wanted some specific information that she needed right away.

She did know—her request could not have come at a worse time.

I was feeling the weight of the world, loving my friend enough to accept that she was leaving us.

I didn’t want to give out any information to anyone.

I just wanted to mourn my friend.

But… Suzann was relentless.

And I knew—her heart was pure.


I provided Sandy’s eye color, all six names of Sandy’s granddaughters. I provided Sandy’s favorite scripture, and I provided what they called her.

She said she was going to make these brown eyed dolls for her granddaughters with Grandma Sandy’s name, their name and Psalm 23.

And they would be in purple, Sandy’s favorite color—and yes—they would be done in 24 hours, to be shipped out immediately.

WOW! Really?

And… Suzann was enlisting the help of her sweet granddaughter Kaylee, just 9 years old, to help her make these dolls.

What 9 year old wants to make hand sewn dolls for 6 girls she’s never met?

Only the sweetest, nicest girl you’d ever meet!

Miss Kaylee Hembree jumped in and helped her GrannyZann.

That’s the kind of 9 year old I am so very proud of!

All for someone she’s never even met!

For girls she doesn’t even know.

Just because—she wanted them to have a piece of their grandmother to hold on to when that time came that Grandma Sandy was gone.

How thoughtful can you be?

For people you have never met.

Just made me cry—my friends love each other—and they only have me in common—me and Jesus!

So… Suzann wasn’t through with her mission—she sent them via FedEx—and tracked their progress.

And I got the updates.

Apparently, they got lost in Jacksonville and headed back up to Atlanta—Suzann was not having none of that!

They were destined for Dunnellon—and that’s where they would be delivered!

By hook or by crook! They were getting to Sandy in time.

And… they did!

They arrived Tuesday—

All so beautiful—and just in time—

Sandy saw them—and smiled!


Sandy's beautiful smile!
Sandy’s beautiful smile!

 My Two Friends who became Friends!

Sweet Suzann had a plan!
Sweet Suzann had a plan!

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  1. Thank you Alan for another wonderful column. I will print off for Kaylee to keep and for Ms. JANICE, Phils 80 year old neighbor that worked stuffing 24 arms and legs (6) sets while I worked on Thursday, I could not have completed the dolls so quickly without out my production team of ms Janice and Kaylee. We are all so blessed to know Sandy and her family through your love and friendship. We continue to pray for Sandy, Derrick and her family and friends she will leave behind.

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