APS - Written 6/26/2016



When will you see me?

When will you finally see me?

When will you finally see me standing right in front of you?

I try to get your attention…

But you’re not looking my way.

You see what you want to see…

And I’ll be what you need me to be…

That was my promise the day you were born.

But...I still stand here

Hoping, praying that someday…

You’ll actually see me.

The man who wants more than anything

For his son to be proud of him

This man who has lived so you’d see

That man I hoped you’d someday be

A man that was pure in God’s eyes.

All the life I have lived…

All the things I have done…

All the people that I’ve blessed

Even some souls that I’ve won…

More than a father…

But just wanting his son…

To see me…

All of me…

The real me…

A heart that bleeds for God…

A heart that beats for His Word…

A heart that melts for His Spirit…

A heart that longs for the Lord.

When will you see…

This life lived in faith

When will you acknowledge

This example for you to take?

I’ll be gone soon enough

My words will only remain

Will you know me then?

Will it be the same?

When I’m on the other side

And you are suddenly sad

Will you remember me more

Than your pops, than your Dad?

Will you suddenly see

Who I was, what I did

How I touched, how I hurt

How I loved, how I lived?

Will it then be all clear?

Will I then make more sense?

Will you see all those lessons

Will you regret all the time spent?





How much we’re the same

How much we’re alike

The reasons we disconnected

The crux of the fight?

Between us

All around us

Always stealing our time

Not forgiving

Not releasing

Always fogging our mind.

I’ll be gone soon…

I won’t be here

When that day comes

And you see…

I was more than a father

I was YOUR brother

An example for you to follow

Praying someday, you’d be.

Then you’d teach him

Then you’d show him

Live the life for him to see


You…too will leave him

But with your example

He’ll know what to be.

And he’ll teach his children

 About his father he’ll tell his son

He’ll share our stories

He’ll pass on our legacy

He’ll teach them all about the One.

That we lived for

That we died for

That we shared at every turn

About our Savior

About our Jesus

About a grace we could not earn.


 When you finally see me

When you finally get me

When you finally “know me” for whom I really am

Then you can teach him

All about his heritage

And about our Savior- the Great I AM!

All that matters

And all that makes any difference at all

Is our life lived for Jesus-

WHEN and only when... we’ve answered His Call!