Time Of My Life

time of my life

December 3rd, 2004


Seemed like a typical Friday

And…without warning

You were there—you were gone

Will never forget THAT typical morning.


The end of an era

Father and son

Insurance every topic

The stories were fun.


Somebody stupid,

Angry or mad

Some new story

Of how they’/d been had.


I knew all along

That this ride would soon stop

when your nod from your desk

And your voicemail, “Hey Pops!”


Would no longer be there

Not a part of my day

When I’d be like the others

With no son on Side “A”


But, I thought I had time

Counted the days, one by one

But, suddenly – you’re missing

Somehow, the days were now gone!


I was shocked

I was mad

I was sad to my core

I was angry

I was jilted

Why couldn’t I have just one more?


But, as I’ve come to expect

May be not appreciate yet

You’re your own man

With your own plan

Doing what you want

That’s a bet…


I’ll always win

Even when I lose

As I have today

You See, I love you

And Now, I will miss you

While you start on your way


To your future

Bright and successful

I am sure it will be…

But, nothing will make me as proud

As the past 14 months

Our “Father and Son Insurance” have made me.



While I’ll always have many

It’s my prayer

As you look back….

That you won’t have any.


No more nods

No more calls

No more clicks of my ring

No more smiles

No more meetings

No more lunches I’ll bring.


I promise,,,someday you’ll see

What those months meant to me…

Having my son

The youngest one

A misc, minute away

How proud I felt everyday


So..this era is over

your time’s finally begun

I’m so thankful for this time

What I shared a job with my son!


May never again, as long as I live

See you with a daily sales trophy in hand

Or your name on top of the “top 10 Sales list”

Or hear Pam tell me “Schuyler’s a nice man”




But, I’ll cherish my memories

As I mourn …

This era’s end

When my son

Was my colleague

And more surprising..

My work friend!


So…thirty years from now

When your son is starting out

Tell him about our moment

When I taught you what work life’s about


Maybe you’ll be lucky

And have him alongside

I can promise you memories

As you enjoy the ride


Then….as it should be

He’ll step out on his own

And, with a tear and a sigh

You’ll recognize that he’s grown


Into someone you’re proud of

Someone who makes you glad you’re alive

And life full circle will again connect

As you acknowledge that he’s arrived ….


To that place

Where you are

Standing today….

A little scared

A whole lot excited

But ready to make your own way.


So until then…

You can laugh

You can roll your eyes

And make fun too


I am so glad

Misty and  sad

To have shared

This “Time  of my Life” with you!