Tested And Proven

We’ve been through a lot                         

In the past seven years

Thought we’d endured the worst

Shed a lifetime of tears

And…we thought it was over

We thought it was done

We said goodbye to the work

Said hello to the fun!

But... then…

Came the biggest

test of all

Out of nowhere, unexpected

Our house of cards…

Started to fall.





And pain

They started to be

The new rules of the game

And…no matter how we played…

We lost!

Everyone watched

Our life start to unravel

As this “Little Bit”

Became too much to handle…

But, God is good

He honored our prayer

As we honored His gift

For each other, we were there.

Though it’s not how we planned it

It’s just how it is

Our love is intact

Our future still lives.

In the hopes of our dreams

All the plans about to be

We find our nest not so empty

Filled with just you and me.

So…for all those who watched

And wondered our fate

God provided a miracle

And…not one minute too late!

So, closing the door on our six

as we walk into seven

I can still proclaim…”

Ahh, this feels just like Heaven!”