By Alan P. Scaglione/October 3, 2003

I reflect on my life

In the past five years

All the turmoil…

Stress and tears

All the persistent chaos….

Hurt and pain

So long without sunshine

Dreaded the rain.

But, in the midst of all this

When all the good was so wrong

You were my inspiration

At times, my only song.


You held me and loved me

Through such a dark time

In a sea of confusion

You’d always throw me a line

Of safety, of comfort

Of sanity and calm…

You kept me from jumping

From doing some harm


I want to pause and reflect

Give you all that you’re due

You’ve been such a godsend

Could not have survived without you!


Words may seem empty

So I’ll pay with my life

When I count all my blessings

I always start with my wife

You ask of me so little

You deserve so much more

If I had to choose just one word

The word would be…adore!


I love you with love

I never knew was there

From a depth so deep

From a heart finally bare

Of scales and scars

Nightmares and fear

Thanks to you, Bella

Once again, I can hear





The birds singing

Myself humming

The sound of new life

And…I honestly can say

I owe it all to my wife

Who believed when I didn’t

Who saw what I could not

Who projected past the moment

Who counted more than our lot! I reflect on my life

All it is again, today

I love you, I adore you

From my heart, I can say


You’ve done the impossible

Made me want to be a better man

You never fainted or doubted

Always believed in God’s plan


For our life,


and atypical at best

But…we know the truth

We’ve been faithful

And…we’ve passed the test!


His reward to us both

Is the love that we share

What better way could He express

Just how much he cares!


You’re my safe harbor

My warm blanket

My burning passion

My wildest dreams come true

And…when I imagine my future

My last days…

Will be spent loving you.