By Alan P. Scaglione



What does it feel like

When your life’s about to change?

Can you sense something shifting in your mind?

When do you know

You will never be the same?

After years of searching-- your destiny you’ll find?

How do you identify

The change that’s being made

Is it evident in the way you live out your day?

Where do you go

To confirm what you suspect

That somehow, something’s different in the way…

You view your life

You view your choices

You view the possibilities about to unfold

With anticipation

With celebration

Your excitement you just can’t hold!

You want to scream it

You want to yell it

You want to tell all what you know

But you have to contain it

You have to restrain it

You have to just go with the flow

Which is by far

From the earth to that star

The hardest thing to maintain

While you dream about it

While you pray about it

While you hope that you will attain

The change you’re sensing

The change you’re feeling

The change your inner eye can see

All the while envisioning

All the while imagining

Your future— those “possibilities” that may be!