Not In Pain No More

Not in pain no more.

May 12th, 2012

He was hooked up to so much stuff

The last few days --  just got so tough

He tried so hard to fight his way back

So many complications --   so many facts

You got to the point where you were just so tired

Along the way, a few doctors should have been fired

One week, two weeks, then there were five

We prayed and we fasted for God to keep you alive


On that last day, you were exhausted and worn out

So we prayed in faith and never had a doubt

You never complained and never gave in

Fought like a warrior til the very end

When the time came --  we willingly released

And with an angel’s escort, you left us in peace

We applauded your leave; they celebrated your arrival

Your song playing… as we read you the Bible




We envisioned the moment when you stepped in the gate

There was an 18 year old girl who wanted to be your date

She’d been waiting for her Dad for much too long

After all that sickness, suddenly nothing was wrong

As you walked thru those gates, I can only wonder

You saw those rays of sun; you heard that sound of thunder

And you looked for his face --   you wanted to see

Your Savior, Your Lord --   God Almighty


As you meet Him and fall at His feet to adore

This is just the beginning, there’s just so much more

And the rest we imagine until again we will meet

When around HIS throne --   we’ll all have a seat

So goodbye for now, until we meet again

When I once again see, my brother, my friend

But for now, all we can do is anticipate

As we gather today, your life  we celebrate


So with broken hearts and yet dance in our feet

We bid you “fair thee well” until again we meet

Joe’s healthy in heaven, so much better than before

And I say….

Thank God—he’s not in pain… no more!!