Life Goes On

Life Goes On

By Alan P. Scaglione


Life Goes On...

Or so I'm told

At this moment feel so empty

My heart feels so cold

I know where you are

And I know I'll see you soon

But it feels like eternity

From here to the moon!

I did all I could

I gave you my best

I took care of your family

Even took care of the rest

But deep inside I keep wondering

What would you think of all this

All the words, all the tears

All the celebration you've missed

Sounds like you were a real somebody

Somebody I'd like to know

But to me, you were that eldest sibling

To me, you were Bro

Now you're happy, Now you're at peace

No more mourning for broken pieces three

You and your heart are finally reunited

The way it's supposed to be.

So...Life Goes On

Or so I'm told...

Hope today I'll feel warm again

I've gotta stop feeling so cold!

Good night, Big Brother!