Family Reunion

Family Reunion

Dedicated to Shawn Myrick Ryder


There are people here

I’ve never seen

Some, I don’t even know

Why’d Mama drag us all

Out here

For this old fashioned family show?

There’s a cousin from Atlanta

An Uncle from L.A.

An Aunt from Richmond

Where’s all these people gonna stay?

And, there’s Grandma Annie

She’s old now but still so sweet

I saw her how she’s smiling

As she watches her family meet.

I remember what she used to say

When I’d spend the night with her

“Family’s all you can depend on

When the storms of life occur!”

She’d say, “Family’s the best and the worst

Of what you’ll ever be…

But, remember one thing, my child

You’re a part of this family tree!”

So, as I look today

At the branches that I see

I pause to thank Grandma

For starting this tree!