Points2Ponder-What If You Had 30 Days To Live?

What's stopping you?
What’s stopping you?

We just take it all for granted…

We just think we control it…

Until we realize…tick tock—time’s running out!


Point2Ponder What if you were told that you only had 30 days to live? What would you suddenly do? And why now?


We just think… maybe next year…I’ve got time.

We dare life to remind usyou are Not in control!

And sure enough—at some point, when we least expect it—it does!

Life is what happens when you’re making other plans!

Or, when you’re making No plans!

Do we need someone to give us permission to do the things we have always talked about?

Do we need someone to remind us that “We Need to do it When we Want to do it—and Not Wait!”

If your doctor told you “you have 30 days to live. Go home and do whatever you’ve always “waited” to do—no time to wait!”

Would you jump in the car and travel to the ocean and just run in?

Would you hop a plane to Paris or London or Dubai?

Would you drive your car through a Redwood Tree—you know—the gigantic trees you can drive through!

What would you do?

I’ve always said I will see the 2 A’s in my hopes and dreams: Alaska and Australia.

But truth is: I would just want to spend time with my grandkids and my kids…and just savor the moment.

My best friend Ellen Bullard used to say “The Best things in life are NOT things at all!”

And what about all those people you have silently begrudged and bemoaned and wished you could someday tell them off!


If you knew—that you had 30 days—would you finally give them a piece of your mind and tell them what you think of them?

Or? Would you realize that 30 days is ticking away- tick tock – and they aren’t worth wasting 1 minute of your precious time!

I’m asking you—what’s stopping you from doing what you have always wanted to do?

And better yet—WHO is stopping you?


My wife will not get her passport BECAUSE she is afraid that I will surprise her by whisking her off to Paris!

I know, I know.

That’s what she’s afraid of?

Yep—she says we just don’t have that kind of money right now.

And just when will we have it?

After I’m dead and she won’t have me to dance with under the Parisian Lights?

You think I’m making this up, but…sadly, I’m not!

My friend was just sent home—no hope of winning her battle against cancer—and told… you have XX days left—go live them!

And it just made me wonder—how many days do we waste, not quite “living them!”

We wait to say what we have always wanted to say.

We wait to do what we have always wanted to do…

And someday—someone will say—you only have 30 days left to live—what will you do with it?

So I’m asking you—what if you had that finite amount of time allotted to your life—and then—you meet your maker.

What would you do?

Who would you want with you?

Where would you want to be?

How would you want to go?

Sobering thoughts I know…

Something you can save to think about later?

Maybe not!

Tick Tock, Tick Tock!