Points2Ponder-Confiding In A Complete Stranger

Checked it off my Bucket List!
Checked it off my Bucket List!

Sometimes… you just need someone to talk to.

And sometimes… that someone…is a total complete stranger!


Point2Ponder   When’s the last time you confided in a total stranger?


I had to have my blood taken out for my 6 month cardiac check-up!

My cardiologist an 85 year old Pakistani man who is about 5 ft tall and looks a lot like Yoda!

And he even talks like him.

The best advice he ever gave me during the first year after my heart attack?

He said “Are you going to find a way to live with the pain or… will you be a cardiac cripple the rest of your life!”

Dr. “K” doesn’t pull any punches!

My wife he is the only person who can shut me up—and I have to  listen!

She might be right!

So… a week before my check-up, get the blood work done!

I go to Quest—see the sign?

And I go early—they open at 7am.

It seems like someone is always there before me in line, no matter how early I go.

Until today!

I got there at 6:38 am—yes That 6:38 am!

And— Voila! No one was there!

I can check this off of my bucket list! First one in line at the blood place!


And…at 6:42—an F-150 drives up—and a white haired old man gets out!

I beat him by 4 minutes!

He appears to be in his seventies with a head full of white hair!

We greet each other and laugh about the time and the lack of line there.

We start to talk—it’s the best part of standing in line—strangers chitchat while we wait.

I actually look forward to it. My wife would not say a word if in that line—me? ChattyCathy!

We talk about his truck and my old expedition—how Ford makes trucks to last forever!

Then I mention that I just gave mine to my son.

And we start talking about sons.

And he shares with me how his son is out of work and can’t find a job.

I share with him some of my son’s struggles—he’s a stranger—who’s he gonna tell?

And he looks at me, all Yoda-ish, and he says…

 “Our sons still need us—and we need them—they remind us that we’re still needed!”

And I just started to shed a tear!

He had summed up all that I had been feeling—and he said it a single sentence.

I guess being 70 plus with all that white hair—finally does bring some wisdom!

The door opened at 7am… and there were 11 people in line.

But… I was first…for the first time in my life!

They put me in room 1—appropriately so.

And they walked him past me into room 2.

We have to always give our name and date of birth to confirm who we are.

I gave mine—1960!

And I overheard the white haired Yoda guy give his—


What? Yoda is only 3 years older than I?

I didn’t see that coming!

How’d he get all that wisdom?

Forget that—where’d he get that head of hair????