Points2Ponder- A Good Day That Keeps Getting Worse

A Little R&R was food for the soul in Savannah!
A Little R&R was food for the soul in Savannah!

I think I understand how JOB felt.

You remember him?

In the Bible—THAT Job!

Yeh—I really think I can relate.


Point2Ponder When’s the last time your good day just kept getting worse…and worse?


I woke up Monday morning…first day back to work after our Valentine’s Week Winter Vacation in Savannah!

I was surprisingly excited about getting back to work.

I know…what did I just say?

But, I really was!

I had this fantastic week with the love of my life—my beloved Bella—and she was back in Manager Mode, so…

I may as well get back to work.

And I had presents to pass out—and Savannah Taffy to deliver.

I even arrived early—yes, I really did.

It was just a great day!

Everything started out right—and I was grinning ear to ear—kind of in a utopic state—still “high” on love!

Remember the Job story?

Imagine it in 2014—and Job has a Galaxy Note II Smarty-pants Phone that does everything for him!

Especially Text!

So… Job is driving along in his 2014 Kia Soul—hey, it’s my story, so I can feature my Kobe Soul!

And Job is looking around, just saying “I am so blessed with my life—I am the luckiest man on earth!”

And… he gets a text.

“Your dog just died!”
Gee… that’s strange—didn’t know I had a dog?

A few minutes later…

Text says “your kids just got really sick and threw up on your leather couch!”

Wonder what’s wrong with them?

Job is still in a great mood, but he now misses his dog and wishes his kids had not thrown up on his leather couch.

He keeps driving in his 2014 Kobe Soul!

Another Text.

“Your house just burned down—with your lifelong collection of Flintstone memorabilia in it!”

Now—that hurt!

Job’s been collecting Flintstone stuff since the Stone Age—I had to say it!

Job is starting to wonder— how can I really be having a good day when all of this bad keeps happening.

And it goes on.

Text saying “your 401K has been depleted!”

Text saying “your best friend has cancer!”

Text saying “your wife has filed for divorce!”

Mannn! Job was having a good day…

And then he just lets it all get to him—the dog, the kids, the house, the 401k, the best friend, and now—the wife wants a divorce!

Most importantly—his Flintstone memorabilia was destroyed!  You can’t replace that!

I am purposely making light of the fact that…

I was elated over the Rest and Relaxation Week I had had…

Then I got a call from my son– with bad news…

Then I got a call from my daughter– bad news…

Then I got a call from my godson… bad news!

It just kept getting worse and worse!

But still—I had this assurance—like Job—He never blamed God, and he never gave up!

I had to remind myself that I have been through days like this before…and God was in control of all of it!

I also reminded those in my life of the following:

God only does the Impossible

When all the “possible” has been tried and failed!

God only does a miracle

When only God can—nobody else and everything else has tried and failed.

That’s why He says to Put our Trust in God!

If you are having a day like I just had…

Just like Job, Just like me…

Remind yourself that God is a miracle worker who only does Impossible things!

And then… just sit and wait for HIM to do that impossible!

That’s what I plan to do—

What I can do, I do…

What I can’t do, I leave to the only one who can!!

Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever!

He is the Keeper of my heart!

He is the Miracle Working God!


I was 2Cool2School!
I was 2Cool2School!