Chapter 3: Two Raised From The Dead

Chapter Three: Two Raised From The Dead

This is the tale of two stories: Tommy3Sons and JasonDreamer.

The only thing these two stories had in common was:

They both knew me—and I had faith that Both would Rise Again!

I have been blessed in my life to live through these two stories—

And I know them to be true—both individuals are still alive today.

But…neither of them would have been until…

There came a man of God!

In I Kings 13:1 that’s all it says—it never states his name!

But, the man of God who came brought a RightNow Word to the King!

And because of that RightNow Word—the Lord got the King’s attention.

And I can tell you that…

After meeting Tommy3Sons and JasonDreamer, God had my attention.

He did miracles in my midst—and all He asked of me?

Only believe—“All things are possible to those who believe!” Mark 9:23

As you read, open your heart and mind…

Miracles STILL happen in our Midst!

Even seeing those at death’s door—pulled back through prayer!

Faith is NOT the absence of fear, but rather…

Faith flies in the face of fear”—Papa’s Proverb

In both of these situations, I was afraid for both of them.

One was in his early thirties; the other was 17, a junior in high school.

But the difference is…

I ran toward the fire! I knew a Man Who Could! And for both—HE DID!

The Story of Tommy3Sons

Tommy was a man in his early thirties with 3 young sons.

I met him at a revival we had at our church in Thonotosassa, Florida.

He came up to the altar, and I ministered to him.

I showed him the plan of Salvation, The Roman Road, and he accepted it.

I led Tommy3Sons to the Lord.

At the end of the night, I wrote my name and phone number on a white piece of paper and give it to him.

It said “Brother Alan- ph#813-xxx-xxxx”.

He read it, and I told him “If you ever need me for anything—Call me!”

I meant it.

The hardest part about living the Christian life is—you can feel so alone.

That’s why everyone I led to the Lord got the same- my name and number.

I did NOT have business cards even though they were very popular.

I just thought that it was so insensitive to pull out a card at the altar.

Instead, I usually used an offering envelope and wrote down my name.

I thought this was more personal—Today, I’m not so sure?

When I gave him my contact info, he smiled and thanked me and promised

“I’ll call you if I need you—Thank you for praying with me!”

I assured him that the difference in him succeeding as a Christian or failing…

Would be whether he reached out for help when he needed it.

I said “Even IF you’re at death’s door—call me! I’ll come running!”

We laughed, hugged and left the altar.

The last thing I remember was... Tommy walking out with his three small sons holding hands, following their dad who just accepted Jesus as his Savior.

I never saw him again.

A year later, on a Saturday night around midnight, I got a call.

“Are you Brother Alan?” the voice sounded like an older woman.

“Yes- I am. How can I help?” I responded.

“Tommy is at death’s door with meningitis. We have called the family in from out of state—they don’t think he will make it through the night. Brother Alan, will you come and say a few words for the family before he leaves us?”

I didn’t honestly remember who Tommy was, but…this woman needed a minister, and I was determined to minister to this family, even if it was just to administer Last Rites to some Tommy I didn’t know.

“Yes ma’am. My wife and I will  be there within the hour. What hospital?”

She gave me the details. We had a family member come stay with our three children, and we headed up to this hospital to see this Tommy I didn’t even know.

Did I mention that I had suited up and my wife put on her Sunday dress?

We were ministers—and back then, being a minister meant looking the part.

Not so much now—but back then? People expected that from their ministers.

We arrive at the hospital, and an elderly woman meets us.

“You Brother Alan?” I shook my head.

“I’m Tommy’s grandmother—they don’t give him 24 hours to live. Will you pray for our boy?”

I assured her that I would. She said that I could go in with my wife and see her Tommy.

We walked in and the nurse was checking his vitals.

I said I was a minister, and she smiled and then shook her head that sign of “too little, too late—this man is gone!”

I asked her if I could have the room to just pray for him. She told me she would ask the family to give me a few moments. And they did—20 minutes!

As I looked to his face, which was swollen beyond recognition, I just fixed myself on his face.

And it all came back to me.

This was that man with 3 sons whom I led to the Lord at our revival last year.

I had never seen him since—and yet, here I was, praying for him.

I looked at my wife and gave her that look that she knew too well.

She started praying—for me!

I then lifted my heart and hands toward Heaven and said “Lord, what should I do?”

And then…as if God Himself were directing me, I went to his left side, to his left ear, and I started saying “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!”

I then went to his right ear and said “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!”

The Lord was instructing me to repeat this over and over again.

All I said was the name JESUS in his ear, going back and forth, for 20 minutes.

The nurse came in and said “Thank you! I’ve been praying for him too!”

Then she said that the family had gone home for the night and asked her to thank me for coming.

I thought that was strange, but… they were not religious and thought I was just administering Last Rites to a man who was dying.

The nurse said we could stay another 10 minutes, but after that time, we had to  leave because it was shift change, and the new nurse was not a Christian and would not allow me to stay in the room.

She stayed another 10 minutes—doing the same thing for the time we had left.

Then we thanked the nurse and looked at Tommy3Sons for the last time.

We left to go back to our three children-get some sleep-church in the morn!

That was that!

Three days later, I got a call from that same older woman.

“Brother Alan. Tommy is awake and asking for you!”

Wow! That was cool!

Tommy3Sons had made it!

I was honestly amazed- God had spared this man. Praise God!

My wife and I got dressed-again!

We went up to the hospital.

We walked into the room.

And there was Tommy3Sons sitting up, smiling ear to ear!

And there was the older woman sitting next to him!

And there was the nurse that had been on duty the Saturday night we visited.

I walked in—and Tommy said “Grandma—that’s NOT Brother Allen! That’s Brother Alan!”

I was confused.

The older woman explained.

She knew that Tommy3Sons had been going to a little old fashioned Baptist Church down the road from where he lived. He had told her that the pastor’s name was Brother Allen.

She found a piece of paper in his wallet with Brother Alan and a phone number.

She thought it was the pastor of that little Baptist church.

She called it last Saturday night—expecting that she was speaking to that pastor called Brother Allen!

So… she thought she was calling Tommy3Son’s pastor.

That’s when the nurse piped up.

But this is the man who prayed. Mr. Tommy, this is THAT man!

I questioned “That man? Did I do something wrong?”

The nurse continued the story.

“The next morning, Sunday morning, when Mr. Tommy woke out of his coma. I was still here, pulling the last part of my double. So I got to fill in the blanks. The family was astonished! He has on his last leg, and the pastor has been in to administer Last Rites—you were that pastor!”

Tommy3Sons took over the story.

I asked my nurse “Who kept saying Jesus? I heard the name Jesus! Who said that?”

The nurse, who ended up pulling a double shift because her relief nurse never came in, said “It was Brother Alan and his wife! They were here last night after midnight, and he kept whispering the name Jesus in your ear! I was listening from outside the door”

Tommy3Sons continued “Every time you said the name “Jesus”, a bright white light would shine, showing me how to get out of the dark place I was in. I followed that light back to here! I’m alive because the light kept coming every time the name Jesus was said!”

He only knew it was me because the Baptist Church Pastor Brother Allen had finally visited yesterday. He had been out of town all weekend!

The older woman then spoke up “I thought you were his pastor. I would never have called and bothered you at midnight on a Saturday night IF you weren’t his pastor. But you came so willingly, so I thought You must be!”

Oh I was Brother Alan—but I was NOT Brother Allen!

We all laughed, and then I explained what happened in that room this past Saturday night.

I told him that the Lord just unctioned me to speak the name “Jesus” over and over again, rotating from one ear to the other.

We did it for 20 minutes, and then another 10, at the nurse’s allowance.

And then…we left.

He said “I remember you—You led me to the Lord! I never thought I would see you again, but you said “even if you’re at death’s door—call me!” and I guess my Grandma did—and you came! Wow! You really did mean it, didn’t you?”

I asked him “mean what?”

He said “your promise to help me- no matter what! You really meant it!”

I told him “All I can do is be there for you—and that’s what I did!”

He started to cry and said “If it weren’t for you, Brother Alan, I wouldn’t be alive here today. They had called in my family from Alabama, and Grandma had made my funeral plans. The doctors had said my brain had swelled, that’s why they say my face was so swollen. They hadn’t given me any hope to beat this so I could be there for my three sons, but…than came the man of God!”

And I said “yes, then came the man of God!”

Tommy3sons and his 3 sons later attended my church for about 3 years.

One of his sons still goes there…with his 3 sons!

The Story of JasonDreamer

This is the story of a 17 year old boy who looked just like Brendan Frazer, that actor who was in “Tarzan” and “Encino Man!” and later “The Mummy!" movies. Jason really did look a lot like him.

The girls all thought so—he was a football player and loved all of the attention he got from his good looks and happy go lucky personality.

And why not? Any teenage guy would love all of the attention.

JasonDreamer was in my youth group. He was the one everyone liked to be around—he was not stuck on himself, but he was friendly, smiled a lot and always seemed to make everybody happy just by being around.

We was definitely the charmer!

One Friday night, after a football game, JasonDreamer stayed out late, partying like most teenage boys do after a game.

On this Friday night—they met with an unfortunate truck on Trapnell Road.

And that one unexpected event changed the course of JasonDreamer’s life.

He was airlifted to the hospital.

He had a lot of injuries surrounding his face and his lungs.

We was in a coma for days.

At first, it was drug induced, to give the swelling on his brain time to come down and give his body time to recover from the shock of the accident.

But then… the doctor said “Jason is not coming out of this coma. He should be waking up by now. I’m concerned that, if he doesn’t wake up soon, he may not wake up at all!”

We started praying.

We set up a 24 hour prayer watch.

We were at the hospital for days on end.

No change—still in this coma—not looking good.

I spoke to the doctor.

As his youth pastor and his parents’ close friend, they allowed the doctor to give me details that no one but family was privy to.

The doctor said “there’s no reason why Jason has not come out of this coma. All of his vitals point to him making a full recovery once he goes through months of rehab and if he works hard, he should be able to have a good life. He may never play football again, but he can do other things like anyone else. He just has to want to come out of this coma—I don’t think he’s trying.”

That was strange to hear from a doctor.

Assessing that someone was willing themselves to stay in a coma?

But why? Why would someone do that?

And then it hit me!

The Holy Spirit revealed something to me—and directed me to do something.

I asked the parents IF I could go in and see JasonDreamer alone.

They trusted me implicitly, so they agreed without hesitation.

I asked Jason’s father to come stand by the door, and when I motioned for him to enter, he could come in.

I went into Jason’s room, and I said a simple prayer.

“Lord, direct me to say what he needs to hear so he can wake up!”

And I then went to his left ear. His right ear was bandaged from the accident.

I bent toward his ear, and I whispered…

“Jay, it’s okay to come out. Your face looks good. The damage was minimal to your face. You still look like Brendan Frazer and all the ladies still love their JayMan! Come on Dreamer—you can still be a movie star!”

The Lord had cautioned me that he was AFRAID to come back to his life.

He was scared that his face and body had been hurt too much to return to the life he remembered as a 17 year old star football player!

JasonDreamer was protecting himself from the pain of disfigurement and the life that would have to change because of it.

He thought he was damaged beyond hope.

And so…

he was retreating inside himself ...

to protect himself...

from his NEW self.

And that’s why I repeated a second time…

“JayMan—you look good! Hair looks good, face looks good, smile is intact! You are still the most handsome 17 year old boy in the hospital! Come on, you can do this—I’ve got a mirror waiting for you, just to prove it. Just trust me, Brother “A” would never lie to you. You’ve got this! All is a-okay! And your Dad is here to show you—you still got those looks and that charm! You just gotta come back to us…now Jay…come back to us now!”

I motioned to his Dad to come in the room. He entered the room with a bewildered look.

I looked at him and said “Tell him Dad. Tell him he’s still got those Brendan Frazer looks and his smile is still knocking ladies out! All the nurses can’t wait to date him! Tell him Dad!”

His Dad motioned to me with his hands “What are you saying?”

But I repeated again “Tell him Dad—Tell JayMan all the ladies love Dr. J!”

His father nodded his head and then looked at me and then said …

“That’s right, son! They have all asked for your phone number. Once you get out of here, all the nurses want to date you! They all say “He looks just like that actor on Encino Man and Tarzan! He is sooo good looking!”

And then…there it was…

His finger moved.

I pointed to his Dad to look at the right hand and the finger moving.

Then the hand moved.

And then we heard the words come out of his mouth…

“Show me a mirror!”

And we had to use his mom’s make-up compact, but…

His eyes opened, and he saw that his face was not damaged much.

All of it was just scratches that would heal without plastic surgery.

And he looked at me and said “thanks Brother “A”—I still look like him!”

I smiled and said “Yep Movie Star! You still got it!