I would like to dedicate this book to three people who have had a lasting

impact on my life:

Joseph E. Scaglione

My Oldest Brother

Joe and I had a combative relationship for most of my life, but there were

two things we shared, and for that, I am grateful.

We shared our love of words(songs, poems, short stories)

And we shared of love of Christ—he would call just to talk about the Lord.

He always started his call with “hey…you got a minute?”

Joe actually coined the phrase “Put Feet To Your Faith”

So Joe—this one’s for you!

Jett Jameson Scaglione

My grandson

Jett is 7 years old now—and he is still Nano’s Little Buddy! He is the reason I

was able to live through the first 18 months after my heart attack. Jett

willed me to live—with his acceptance of me as me at the time. He didn’t

remember the Young Turk of business or the Fire&Brimstone Preacher…

all he knew was…I was there to play with him and do whatever he said.

And I did! Anything he wanted, he got!

During that time of my life—it was the only time when I didn’t feel the pain

or when I didn’t let the pain incapacitate me.

Nope—for those few hours that I got to be with him each weekend, I felt

free from the pain—at least, I was in denial of the pain.

All for Nano’s Little Buddy!

No matter how old he gets—I will always owe him my life!

Put Feet To Your Faith


My Wife for Life

My sweet Bella has walked this journey with me …and

After 17 years of Happily Ever After

I can attest…

Money is Not what she’s here after!

She loves me for me—still her knight in shining armor, even if the armor has

a few dings and dents-- it’s “Always, Only You” for us!

I strive to be always be the man she sees in her eyes.

She knows me as the “Always do the right thing-no matter what!” guy.

And for her—I always will be!

I wake up every day trying to earn her…

She tells me—“Good…keep trying!” And I always will!

She’s my complete opposite-

Southern grace and genteel…

Soft spoken and one of few words…

Loved by all we know and adored by our family…

She makes me look good!

I know most people only tolerate me because they love my Bella!

And for that…I’m grateful!

She is the BEST Better-Half I’ve ever had…

And I am thankful that God ordained that we would be together.

I guess I got my reward now; just hope she gets hers later!